Senior Photo Shoot - Justin

Meet Justin, he is a senior this year.
I remember the feeling of finally becoming
a senior, it was great. But back when
I was a senior these types of senior
shoots were not done, we just had the formal
type that went in the annual. I love these
types of  senior pics.

This first one was taken in my brothers barn.

Love this shot, natural and outside and
Justin holding something that is very
special to him.

I love fall and the trees behind Justin in
this shot look great.

Once again, another shot of Justin and his

I love black and white photo's. This one turned
out great.

But then the sepia shots look great also.

This is Laura, Justin's proud mom. Laura and I went
to school together.....oh so many years
ago and actaully we were seniors together.

I am honored to have been asked to shoot
these photo's of Justin as well as photo's
in the past for his mom's business.
Thanks Laura for considering me
for your photo needs.

Thanks for stopping in,


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