My Little Halloween Spooks

Here are my little Halloween spooks before
getting dressed for the night.
Caleb is the oldest and so good
with the other two.
The next in line is DJ who will be
3 next week and then the youngest
is Braden.

Now they are posing as my
little cowboy and cow!
Aren't they so cute?

Caleb is dressed and ready for
the evening out knocking on doors.

Oh wait....lets don't forget their Nana!
I love Halloween and I actually took
home the 2nd place award at work
for this outfit.

In my basket on the front I have toliet tissue
for just in case, blood pressure cup, thingy
to test my sugar, Lipitor and my lipstick!

Now ain't that pretty?

Thanks for stopping in,


gail said…
How cute are those kiddos!! :)
their nana is fabulous! hahaha


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