Hello! I have been a bit under the weather with
back issues and sitting is not something
I can do very easily right now. I had Friday,
Saturday, Sunday and Monday that I have done
what I was told to do by the Chiropractor...

No sitting, lifting, bending, lay on ice! The way I
feel about that is.....I lost 4 days!
So this is Monday evening and I will attempt to
go to work tomorrow but before then, I had
to do something....

Not much, but something I have been meaning
to do and never got around to it.

I got this sign about couple months ago for
$2.99 at an antique booth like store but it
had no hangers on the back.

So I took some thin jute and made this.

With the aid of my stapler....

I finished it off like this. Now it hangs on
the front of my house as you come up the

NOW...I feel like I did something!
Thanks for stopping in,


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