Trying to make the effort to get back into blogging
my photo's again. Things get so busy at times that
somethings like blogging get put on the back burner.
But here goes the effort! lol

The other morning I was headed out to work and
at the stop sign I had to look to the left to be sure
that there was nothing coming so I could head out
to the right when I spotted this guy just sitting
and since I always have a camera with me, I
had to take it out to photograph him.
But he was just to far off so I a made that turn
to the left instead of the right so I could
get a better shot.
He just sat there looking down at me with no
fear in the world until he turned his head away from
me to more or less say he was over it!
I then made a u-turn to catch him from the other
side. He was so beautiful.
Thanks for stopping in,


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