New Wall Arrangment

I have been wanting to redo the arrangment over
my couch so I have been trying to decide which
pic I have taken that I wanted to have framed
to hang. I did decide that I wanted all black and
white and I wanted to go with a rustic look.

Here it is, with room to add a few more
prints if I decide to. 

I knew I wanted other things mixed in with it
besides just prints. So I picked this up
at an antique store for 2.99.
The star I picked up for 3.99 at the same
antique store.

The candle latern I picked up at Goodwill
for .99 cents.

The iron plate I picked up at the antique store
for 4.99. Thought it would look good hanging
along the side of the prints.

Now onto the prints. This print I took about
6 months ago while driving around. I edited
it in sepia with a spotlight over the top
of the barn. Printed as 8x10.

These two prints were taken in 2009 in a small
town about 45 min. from me. It is of light
post and I have done it in sepia also.

These two prints were taken a couple of
weeks ago while out riding around
with my camera. One is some sort of
farm equipment and the other one
is a broken down wooden wagon.

This print is a 4x6 matted in a 5x7
frame. It is on a log cabin home next
door to a friends house. 

This is also a 4x6 print unmatted.
Just a print of barn doors.

These 4 prints- 4x6 were taken
a couple of years ago on the dock of my
brothers lake. I was needing a chair
project for a fund raiser that was centered
around using chairs. This was titled
" Charish the End of Summer Fun".
The first pic is just the lone chair on
the dock where the woman had been
sitting looking out and wondering about
taking that last summer swim. She gets up
to walk around the lake.

The next shot she has taken her hat off and hung
it on the chair as she goes back to look into
the water.
The 3rd print you will see the chair, the hat
and her shoes laying near the bottom
of the chair. She has taken them off
to go wade in the lake.
But on the last print, she has taken
off her skirt and shirt and has taken
that last swim in the lake.

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