Day 40- May 9, 2011 - A Night Out

I graduated from a class of about 300 folks
and thanks to facebook there has been a
great reconnection with folks I lost touch
with when I married and started my family.

Through reconnecting I learned that some
guys I went to school with, that played and
sang together years ago, are together again,
singing and playing. They are really great.
They play a lot of music from the 70's which
was our years.

So last Saturday night a bunch of us from school
went to The Black Pearl Marina to hear
the guys.

I took this pic just as the sun began to set and
the band began to play.

My dinner....Yummy.
This guy, I did not catch his name,
is the drummer. He is not an original
band member. He is really good.
This is Barry. Graduated the year or two after me.
I love this shot off the deck with the boat behind him.
This is Lawrence, he graduated the same year I did.
This guy graduated about 9 years before me.
And this is Clay, also graduated the year I did.

Mr. Myatt, a former teacher at our school when we were
all going there and this is Kay with him.
A group of long time school friends except the
youngest one on the left. That is Regan, her mother
Debby beside her, Laura next to Debby, Bo is
next and Tisha on the end.
This would be Gracie and Bo in Grace's paddle boat.

And this guy hung around for the show.
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