Day 4 - April 2, 2011 - Ava's Run

Today Caleb (my oldest grandson) and I attended
Ava's Run held at Charlie's Daniels Park in Mount
Juliet, Tn
Ava was a little angel that got her wings last
year. She left a family, a community and
friends that loved her.

So in honor of their little girl Ava's Mom and Dad
held the first annual Ava's Run today so that anyone
who wanted to come out and walk or run for
a cause or for a loved one could.

This is only part of the walkers/runners who did a 5K
There was a kids corner so that all the little ones
could enjoy some fun also.
And this is Caleb enjoying his time in the kids corner.
There was a band, some young artist that were really
good and played and sang some really
awesome 70's songs....some were a blast from
my past as a teen.....
This guy was really getting down to
"Smoke on the Water".
And look who came out to be a part of this beautiful
day and all  the fun...
Isn't that Dora and Handy Manny?
And towards the end the awards were given to the
runners. This is the guy that is over the park.
Gotta love the hairdo hat!
And this is Ava's Mommy and Daddy.
A runner leaving the stage with his award.
You just gotta love the outfits. I am not really sure
what part the tutu's play in all this but there were
many dressed like this. This little girl was a darling.
Then there was this little one....also a darling in
their own way!
Awesome event. Great way for Ava to be honored and all
money raised will go to the construction of a "Splash Pad" in
the Mt. Juliet area.

I am sure that little Ava was smiling down on this beautiful day
and this great event.

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Wonderful photos, Pam. Ava's parents must be so proud that they can make something good happen out of such tragedy. And I am betting that sweet Ava loved to dress in tutus, so all of the little ones (dogs included) were paying homage to her. You ought to find a way to send the link to this post to her mom and dad.. I know they would love to see it!

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