Day 13- April 12, 2011- Mailboxes

For those that don't know me well, I am a camera bug!
I love my cameras, I love taking pictures, I love
viewing the world through my lens.

While driving or riding I am always scanning the
areas for something that will make a great shot.
Or something a bit different.

By accident one day I ran into that bit different in
the way of a mailbox. I am not sure which one
was my first one, but I have made it a point
to look for DIFFERENT mailboxes.

These are only a few.

Would this be a BIG MOUTH?
This belongs to a muffler shop.
Found this one on the way home from work.
Water anyone?
Long arm!
Not sure about this one..
This is in front of a hair place.
And this one.....who knows?
Really a bit more then a bit different.
Thanks for stopping in,


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