Vintage Friday

Its VINTAGE FRIDAY over at Common Ground blog so
I decided to jump in and play along.


                                                    and you can too......come and join the

This first piece is one of my fav's.
A neighbor of my Mom's put it in her yardsale
one year and since my brother collected
vintage and antique items he got
it for just $40.00. It got moved to
my Mom's garage and sat there
and sat there. One day I told Mom
that if he did not come and get it
that I would pay him for it and take it.

With that, my brother gave it to me.

It sits in my living room and holds some books
but mainly it holds my Wizard of Oz collection.
If you want to see that just click on this

As you can see it has a drop down area for a desk...course
it stays closed up and I don't use that spot.
Love the doors.
And here is the top portion of it.
This next piece I have had since I was a young girl.
It is a Rogers and Brothers butter spoon
(that is what my great granny called it).

Great Granny had this one and handed it down to me.
Years ago as a young married woman I wanted
to display it so I mounted it on this plaque.
Not only did this come from my great granny, it
was handed down to her from her Mother...
my great, great granny. So this item
is well over 100 yrs. old. My Great Granny
past away when I was a young teen and she
was in her 90's then. I cherish this piece.

Next, I don't know if you would call the next
two pieces vintage but I do.
This is my cup as a baby.....
and my spoon as a baby.....
And since I am 51 yrs. old now....I consider them
vintage! lol

Thanks for stopping in,


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said…
Perfect Vintage Treasures.... Love the Cabinet & the spoon is fabulous,

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