Day 358 - March 22, 2011 - Two Rivers Manison - Still Standing

This historial home is located in Donelson Tennessee.
The property was established in the 1790's. The
first home still stands on the property behind the manison by
William Harding.

The mansion was built in 1859 by Willima Hardings
daughter and her husband David McGavock.

The house is now owned Metropolitan Government and the
Board of Parks and

The home is open for tours but it is also
used for weddings. My brother and
his wife Kim renewed their vows
here years ago during an outdoor

I took their daughter Holly out shooting the
other day and this is one place
we ended up. We both got some
really great shots.

I love this side view with the beautiful columns.
Not sure if this is the original home or not.
Check this work out...they don't make them
like this anymore.
And now a shot of both together.
Thanks for stopping by and if you happen to be in Nashville,
head on to Donelson (about 20 mins. out of town)
and view this beautiful home.


Gorgeous captured them beautifully.
lifebythecreek said…
Really beautiful... looks like a great place for a senior shoot! I have driven by it a hundred times but never really knew what it looked like. Great shots... thanks!

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