Day 289 - January 8, 2011 - B I N G O

It has been brought to my attention that since I am
always behind the camera that there are no pictures
of me enjoying the things that I take pictures of
others doing......

And this is no different. I had my point and shoot
with me today but once again, I had the camera
so pics of me were not taken.

With that said, I am including a pic that a friend
took last night on her cell phone.

Okay, now you all know who I am posting these blogs!

Now on with the story at hand.
A long, long time ago...oh wait, it was not really that long
Lets start this story again, about 1.5 years ago I bought a
(desk ) library table for my computer and printer. I bought
it on the side of the road where this man sets up to sell things
he buys in estate sales and such. It was very pretty, solid wood,
heavy but I was not decided...and even less after I got it
home. It was actually a lot bigger then I thought it looked
outside on the side of the road. While you view the desk please
over look that ugly green chair in the back ground which is now
gone from my home.
I used this lovely peice for about 4 months when I decided that
it took up way more room then I needed a desk to. At this same
time my Mom spotted what she thought I was actually looking for
and I moved this baby to the shed.

I knew I needed to sell it but I am not adventrous enough to
try selling it on ebay or Craigslist but my niece Paige took over
that chore for me when I gave her some other items to sell
for herself for college. Problem there, she could only get the other
items on her truck and was to come back for this lovely peice.

Instead, Paige put this up on Craigslist before she had it at her house.
Paige lives about an hour away from me. A woman jumped on the
item but Paige was unable to come and get the desk and meet this

In comes my lovely sister in law, Lori and her SUV. The delivery
was set for today. This is Lori driving us to Bowling Green, Ky.

Beautiful smile.
This is as we were coming into Bowling Green.

And this is my other neice, Jessica that is home from college right
now and was bored....she wanted to tag along. I think she might
have gotten even more bored as Lori and I talked. Wonder
who she was texting?

Jump forward a bit....the couple picking up the desk called
and they were running late by about 1.5 hours. So what were
we to do, we were already at the meeting place....dinner and
BINGO was the choice we made.

This is down the road a bit from Bowling Green as we head
into Franklin Ky. Sun was setting and after this shot I
saw orange spots for a while.

We went on to the BINGO place, got dinner and our cards and waited
for the couple to call. We had told them earlier that they needed to
come down the road a bit more and meet us in Franklin.
So the wait was on.....would they make it before BINGO started?
Yes, they called about 10 minutes before and I drove out to the
main road, we unloaded, loaded and I was back about 5 minutes
before BINGO started.
This is what I thought would be a winning card.

Or maybe this one...

But it was not to be. I did not win a thing. Course being a NEW
at it what can I expect.
Jessica and Lori. I laughed when I took this shot cause
they were both talking and as soon as they saw the camera
they stopped, put on big smiles and posed.

I had to also laugh looking back on this pic., I just think its funny
that 20 years ago you would not see phones laying around at
a place like this. If you went out you let the important folks
know where you will be and leave them a number of that place
to reach you. All three of us had our phones laying on the tables
(turned off of course). I see Lori's on her purse and Jessica's
right in plain view.

I was not taking pics as we played....seriously how
would I have had the time, talk about concentration!
But Lori was sure putting on a good show for me and
my camera.

Thanks for stopping in, please leave a comment so I know you
have been here.


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