Day 288 - January 7, 2011 - My Bling

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I have been seeing these neat necklaces all over the
place. It started at work a few weeks ago where I saw this
lady wearing a really different kind of necklace.
I so had to get a closer look.....and then I thought,
I can make that.

Since then I have seen several here in blog world.
I realized that they could be made from stringed
beads or a necklace that you don't wear. to my stash. I realized I had this really
long silver chain that I never wore, and the
wheels started to turn.

From there I headed off to the craft/painting/office
room to see what else I could find. The necklace
that the lady at work had on was made of black
ribbon, pearls and bows....nice but I wanted to go
with that unuseable sliver chain.

I pulled out my ribbon of course is
my favorite color and wouldn't silver just
pop mixed with black??

Please excuse the dog hairs that are enbedded in my chair!

After pulling out the ribbon cording I went back to my stash
and located this pin that I love but I have not worn in a bit.

Combining those items and some small black beads and
some clear larger ones in different sizes I made this...

The flash on that BLING sure does make it stand out. See the
earrings I made to go with it?
Another view of the necklace. I wore it today and everyone
just loved it!

Thanks for stopping for a visit. I would love to hear what
you think of this project and anymore that you wish to view.


cool necklace Pam. You did a really nice job. Isn't it great that we have stuff stashed just for such a project!
thanks for linking up and linking back.
If you blog in blogger, you can generally just copy and paste my winky face. :)
ps love the bingo story! I like bingo, but I have never won. Once with friends we split some pull tabs and won King of the Mtn. $600
that's when I was married and didn't need the money. hahah go figure!

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