Day 269 - December 19, 2010 - My Daughter- Happy Birthday

Thirty years ago today, at 7:56 am in the morning I gave
birth to a beautiful perfect little daughther. She was my first born of
two children.

Amber came in weighing 8 lbs and 1 oz and 21 inches
long. She had a head full of dark hair and the most perfect
coloring. Dressing her up in clothes that her Grandmother made was
like having a china doll.
She was a poser and enjoyed having her picture made.
I use to feel for the photograhers and the parents of children
that would not behave while having their pictures made....
that was not my daughter.
Amber took ballet for a few years and then went on to be
a cheerleader for the local football league.
Now she is grown with children of her own. She has
given me 3 grandsons, Caleb (10), DJ (2) and
Braden (3 months).
And today, she turns 30. Happy Birthday Amber.
Disclaimer....I only took the one picture of Amber and Braden
at the bottom of this blog.


Anonymous said…
Holy cow... in that next to last picture, she looks JUST like Caleb! Or rather, I guess, he looks JUST like her. Beautiful girl... with beautiful babies and a beautiful mama, too. Happy birthday, Amber...
Glad you liked my melted snowman cookies! I thought they were super cute (and they were yummy too...or so my little guy says! lol)
Happy Birthday to you lovely daughter...she is very pretty. :)

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