Day 268- December 18, 2010 - Sleeping like a Baby

Braden "sleeping like a baby" in Nana's bed.... hands above the head and my great grandmom said that
meant a baby had no cares in the world.
and The KING (Dakota) watching over Braden. Yep right, he is
going to make sure that the baby don't get more attention then


Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHA... oh priceless!!! I was all sucked in to the sweetness, right up to that very last line! heeeeheeehee... so, SO true! Although, I bet if someone tried to hurt that baby, Dakota would go all "big dawg crazy" and take 'em down! That baby is THE SWEETEST thing ever. Please, please let me take some pictures when I come to Nashville for Christmas... no one will let me take pictures of their baby!!!! :<(

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