Day 147 - August 15, 2010 - 1st Day of 4th Grade

Caleb's Mom, my daughter has to be at work at 4:30 every day
and although Caleb has someone to get him ready for school
someone needed to take him to his first day of school.

That is where Nana comes in handy. I could not miss
out on his first day of 4th grade.

Caleb was excited to go back to school, he loves learning and
like a sponge he absorbs it all so well.

After breakfast was done and teeth brushed Caleb
started to get ready.

All dressed and ready to go. His backpack was in the car
along with all his supplies for the year.

Walking into school to meet his teacher and see his
school friends he has not seen all summer......

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.


Anonymous said…
Best wishes to Mr. Caleb for the best year EVER! What a blessing you are to him...
Christina Lee said…
AWWW what a good nana! We are doing the same next week!

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