Day 140- August 8, 2010 - Paige and Cat

Today I ventured up to Bowling Green, Ky. to photography
my niece, Paige and her favorite horse, Cat.

Cat has just moved down this past week from Az. where
Paige travels to show him and others. Cat was retired
this past winter, he is 17 yrs. old.

I enjoyed my outing today and was honored
that Paige asked me to come up and do this.
Thanks Paige.

Paige, Cat and all their awards.
Paige and Cat. I love this shot.

Another one of the roses.

These two horse's are not Paige's but they were so sweet and my
grandson was feeding them carrots.

This is Caleb, my grandson trying to get another one of
Paige's horse over to eat the carrot.
So pround of Caleb cause up until today he was scared to death
of horses. When he was about 3 years old, one of Paige's horse
got out of the barn and took off running. Ran right past Caleb and
he has been scared ever since. Today, he fed, petted and let them
lick on him. He would not get up on Cat with Paige today but
maybe some other time.

My beautiful niece.

After the photo's..... Friend and friend walking side by side to
Cat's stall.

Thanks for stopping in,


Rachel said…
Love it!!! These are great shots and I'm sure your niece will treasure them!

That last capture especially is so sweet!
great photos Pam! I always love looking at your pics.
I love horses! They are very special animals.
thanks for visiting and commenting. You are so right. I am going to miss Joey's booth. Cathy said that on Craig's List someone posted about opening another mall somewhere close. They were trying to find out if others were interested. I hope it works out.
Pam D said…
I love those photos! I know Paige will always treasure them; hey, they would be perfect for one of those photo books! I've done a ton of them and probably Snapfish is my favorite, but Kodak and Shutterfly do good ones, too. I've been using MPix lately and they have them; I'm guessing their quality is exceptional. I see a birthday present for Paige ....

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