Homemade Fruit Smoothies

Lately I have been doing my best to try
and get all my fruit and veggies in
during a days time. The veggies are
usually taken in during my lunch or
dinner but the fruit is another story.
So to make things easier I have been
making fruit smoothies for breakfast.
This is killing two birds with one stone
so to speak…..I am getting my fruit in
and I am eating healthier, cutting out
stops in to work at the local fast food place.

My smoothies are never the same cause
I just sort of tosh in the fruit I have
handy at the time or that I think
would work well together. No…I am
not your basic banana smoothie, or a
basic blueberry one……I do a lot of mixing.

Yesterday my day was off a bit with a
test I was going through so I did not
have breakfast instead I had my
smoothie for dinner. This is what
I threw in there this time…..

1 whole banana

A handful of blueberries that I had
put in the freezer
A handful of strawberries that
I also had in the freezer(I find
I don’t waste as much if I put things in the freezer)…

And to help with the thickness I add
two tablespoons of low fat yogurt
Also to help with the thickness I add two
tablespoons of frozen pineapple orange juice

About a ¼ of a mango

1 tablespoon of peanut butter for protein
A ¼ teaspoon of vanilla (I use pure vanilla

straight from Mexico)
And a couple of shakes of ground cinnamon

Blend this up in the blender and breakfast
is ready to serve.
This makes about 8oz’s. Cut it down
if you want a smaller glass full.
It was yummy. I have never added the
vanilla before but I have to say it really added to it.
So filling.

I have used Kiwi fruit, pineapple, cherries,
orange’s, I have even added grapes and cantaloupe.
Just a mix and match sort of blended goodness.
and post a fav food item of yours or read up and
make some of the others that have been posted.

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam, I haven't had a smoothie for a couple of months. I guess I just forgot. And I love smoothies! So, thank you for reminding me how much I love them. And yours are so healthy sounding and delicious! WOW! I would not have thought to use peanut butter- yummy!
I have a delicious pumpkin smoothie recipe on my blog. I am a huge fan of pumpkin.
Guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.

Looks like you are new to blogging! Welcome. I have been blogging for a little under six months, it is amazing how much you will learn and you will meet the nicest people on this earth!
I peeked at your spring post- so pretty.
Welcome, again!
This sounds delicious AND healthy! What a great mix of fruits, and with the protein from the peanuts -- a complete meal. Lovely.

Now if I can get my daughter to bring back my blender, I'll be all set.

:-) Cass
Pam D said…
It sounded great when you posted that you did it on Facebook; it sounds even yummier with the photos added in! Way to go, girl.. that is SO good for you!
Rachel said…
That sounds just delicious!

I know my parents went on a big smoothie kick when they got their Magic Bullet. But I must say, I started using it more when they added ICE CREAM, LOL :)

Great recipe!
Christina Lee said…
Holy Batman--sounds soooo refreshing!

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