Yesterday's Project

Afternoon everyone,

For those of you who have not read my bio,
I am an artist. My medium of choice is
oils. I also do lots of other crafts (this
would be the reason why my craft
room is over flowing) and I am a part
time photographer. With that said I
also have a full time job.

I have not been doing a lot of painting
lately, the last thing I painted was my
Christmas card this past year and that
was the first thing I had done since last
January. So it was high time to get in
that room and get busy.

my Christmas Card

The other day I ran across some pictures
that I wanted to paint just to be painting
them. Now mind you, I have one that my
niece has asked me to do, one that my
nephew has asked me to do and one that
would be a commission piece but I wanted
to paint for me. I have no clue what I will
do with them, I will probably not hang them
for myself, but I wanted to paint….for
myself. Does that make sense? I wanted
to just have fun with it and do something fun.

I thought I would do a series of a sorts,
My Woman Series! So yesterday I set out
to start that and since I am doing 8x10’s,
and since they are basic simple paintings
I was able to produce two of them yesterday
for a total of four that I plan on doing. The
other two will be a follows, a purse and a
pair of high heel shoes.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
Oh, I love those! And the purse and shoes will be perfect additions; what a cute set! You ought to do what Kay (???last name, help me out here...) did with the glassware, and find a way to screen those onto glasses (or the four of them onto a cute shirt!). And hey... can I get on your Christmas card list so I can get one of those gorgeous cards? Just sayin'.....
Wow - you are very talented.
Hi -- I love your Woman Series! I wish I had the courage to take up painting ... and the talent, too.
I LOVE the scent of oil paints.
Christina Lee said…
FANTASTIC!!!! More, please!

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