True Story Tuesday – Baby Verse’s Man


My grandson, Caleb, is nine years old. He is a nana’s boy and loves to come to nana’s house to stay the night. We just enjoy each others company.

This is Caleb and I taken a couple of years
ago when I was still hitting the bottle...
excuse me, when I was still dying my
hair! It's gone all gray now.
My bathroom is divided up with the vanity
as you come into the room and then
through another door there is the toilet
and the bathtub. I was sitting on the tub
getting Caleb’s water ready and he was in
the other section stripping down, which
this surprised me since he has gotten so
modest about people seeing him NAKED.

As I stood to leave the room, he covered
himself with his hands and said “don’t look”!
I laughed and proceeded to tell him that I
use to change his diapers and at that point
he piped up and let me know really fast
that was when he was a baby, he is a
man now.

Okay…I stand corrected, I thought he
was still my baby….lol
Now on the flip side of that, on the same
weekend I called him by a nickname that
I recently started using, KMaster. He
proceeded to let me know that he preferred
the old nickname that I gave him as a
toddler (when he was chubby), KTubby.

So lets see if I am reading this right, he
wants to be a man when he wants to be
a man, then he wants to be Nana’s little
boy when he wants it? Sounds about
right to me….

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to read them,


Oh my word. Your little Caleb is SO cute! I love that he wants to be all grown up now... but still Ktubby. How cute is that.

I laughed out loud about you hitting the bottle : ) The hair dye bottle! Hilarious!
Oh so sweet.... He has beautiful eyes.
Michelle Pixie said…
And they say girls are complicated. LOL

He's adorable!
Rachel said…
How cute! And I love the pictures - you're going to have to beat the girls away with a stick :)

My 3-year old will tell me that he's a big boy and wants to do everything by himself, then in the next 10 seconds will beg to do "Rockabye Baby".

So glad you two have a special relationship! Grandmas are the best!
Fresh Mommy said…
Awww, he's a cutie!! And now matter how old they get he'll always be your baby :)
chili pepper said…
Sounds about right to me. Need to keep ya on your toes, Nana!
Oh my! Caleb is a cutie! He's gonna have the girls all over him someday (if he doesn't already) :)
No grandkids yet, just a grand dog that I currently have custody of.
thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
Caleb sounds wonderful! How LUCKY you are to have such a handsome and smart grandson. And he is right -- he should get to choose when he's treated as a young man, and when he's OK with being "your baby."
We all need that sometimes.

(And he IS awfully cute -- how could you resist anything he asked?)


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