True Story Tuesday - The 50th

Morning everyone. Hope everyone is
have a great day so far.

My True Story Tuesday is more of
a recently one then what I have been
posting lately.

It actually started taking place last Friday,
Feb. 12, 2010, continued through the long
weekend and into today. You see Sunday
the 14th was my 50th birthday. The group
at work [great humorous group] started
“getting” me on Friday.

It all started that morning when I came
into work and I noticed that there was a
LOST sign taped to my desk where my 2
hole punch use to be. Now why would
they take that?? That story goes back to
a couple of months ago when I came in
one day after being out sick the day before.
Someone had borrowed my 2 hole and
had not returned it. I sent out an office
wide email stating it was gone, could it
please be returned and I don’t mind it
being borrowed but return it when finished!

About 10 minutes after getting to work
and seeing the LOST sign I got the first
email. There was a pic of Richard [in
the office] holding my 2 hole punch
with a note on it wishing me a Happy
50th Birthday. LOL…..

Might I add here that most of the emails
that I got were from Ramona and Angel
[her name does not fit her at all]

It continued from there, every so often
I would receive another email with a pic
of my punch in it. Its been in the
microwave, in the hands of the
Director, Asst. Director and the
Deputy Director, with a donut laying
on it, and on candy jars. After lunch I
got a pic of it sitting on the toilet and
later one with it sitting beside a jar of
hand sanitizer [these people know me
and my OCD germ fears].

this email came to me with a note "what a waste of a perfect donut

see the little droppings in the toilet

But the thing that really got me was after
lunch my cute little clown that sits on
top of my file cabinet was missing, in its
place was another LOST sign. Now they
are messing with me….lol. Shortly after
that I received an email of my clown
sitting on the copier. It continue over
the weekend via facebook. So I started
to play around with them, posting
comments on facebook asking where
my clown …..oh yeah and my hole
punch were. Then I get a post from
Cindy with a message that says “this
clown and hole punch”? And there
was a pic of both of them together.

This morning as I entered my cube I
see a copy done on the copier of my
clown, legs in the air and butt showing
at me. On one foot I see this: % 5 and
this on the other foot )0….now I am not
getting it yet….UNTIL I look at my
keyboard, the % 5 and the )0 are missing!

If you have not gotten it yet, this office
is PACKED FULL of jokesters! I am
in such completion with this group…
but I love it.
Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
Hahaha!!!!! I didn't "get" all of the "lost" references on Facebook til now! That is stinkin' hilarious... omw! You are working at the perfect place, with folks who totally "get" who you are. THAT is the best present of all! Happy half century, Pam1! hugs...
Foursons said…
Happy Birthday! I love that your coworkers "play" so nicely. :D
Anonymous said…
Oooh honey you have arrived... in the work place that is...with a bunch of jokers just like you! lol.. I believe you have met your match in them! Glad they made your 50th memorable. Too funny! Happy Birthday my friend! Nancy M; Ohio
Rachel said…
Happiest Birthday Pam!

That totally cracks me up - they know how to do your birthday up right! I bet you were on your toes all day, no?

I love all the pictures and how creative they were - they were thinking of you :)

Thanks - this just totally made my day!

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