The Birthday Joke that Will Not End

It continues!

If you read my True Story Tuesday –

50th then it will be easy for you to follow

this post. If you have not read it as of yet,

jump on over and do that now.

The clown remained missing UNTIL

February 19, at which point I entered a co-

workers office to find it still wrapped

around this cat, hanging on the file cabinet.

I then proceeded to retrieve my clown

with instructions to the co-workers that

Cindy was not to know that I had the

clown. I was turning the tables on her.

A few days later I laid a copy of a Search

Warrant that had been filled out and

signed by Judge Funny Face for me to

be allowed to search Cindy’s office.

Being really busy that day the search

was not conducted.

The next day I was served with papers

“Motion of Nonparties to Quash Search

and Seizure”. Apparently since I did not

hand the Search Warrant to Cindy directly,

it became voided. Stated in the motion is

was stated that Cindy is creeped out by

little clowns and has nightmares when

she sees them plus she is allergic to clown makeup!

Still to busy to deal with it I let it drop.

Only to check the hiding place where I had

hide the clown after I retrieved it from

Angel’s office and find it yet again missing.

Thanks Angel, I was told that you would

fold like a cheap tent and apparently

you did!

So the question now is where is my missing

clown? Who has her this time? When will

she be returned to me? And what steps

will I take next to find my clown????

Story to continue (I am sure) so come

back in a few days to see where we are

and to see if I have found my missing


Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
"fold like a cheap tent"... hahahahaha! I think I recall you saying something about Angel not living up to her name? *snicker* That is totally hilarious; I cannot wait for the continued adventures of the wandering clown!
hahaha, your posts are always so funny! :)
Christina Lee said…
too funyy! I have to say that clown IS creepy!
Kmama said…
LOL!! What a fun place to work. My mom had a great workplace like that.
Rachel said…
You have the funnest coworkers! I love that this is continuing for Round Two! :)

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