My brother, Mark

I just want to do a shout of to my little
brother, Mark. Today is his birthday.
Not going to tell his age but lets just
say that he is a little younger then I am.

Mark was always my fix it man after
I divorced. When I needed something
fixed or looked at he was always there
to see what he could do. I try not to
ask anything of him the last few years
since he has his home to do work on
and keep up, plus doing the same for
Mom and her yard.

If I so much as mention something
that I need looked at, he will say that
he will do it. Knowing all along that he
will try but he already has so much on his
plate. He never knows how to say NO.

Mark is a jack of all traits. He can do some
of the most beautiful wood work. He made
a sewing center desk for my Mom. Made of
Oak and it is beautiful. It has a slotted drawer
for patterns and one for spools of thread. He
also built her a pine hutch in the kitchen as
well as taking down her kitchen cabinets and
replacing them with solid oak, handmade cabinets
by his own hand.

I have a couple of pieces in my home that he either
made for me or for my daughter. There is the blocked
cutting board he made for me one year and the solid wood
magazine rack. But when my daughter was young, the
first Grandchild, and Mark's first niece, he built her
a cute cradle and a highchair from wood. But the
master piece was a solid oak toy chest.

Mark can fix a car, work with wood, build things and
he also makes things from scrap metal. I have some
great pieces of that also. He is a very talented man
and very smart.

He is not much of a talker, but several years back
I spent sometime with him traveling and he was
telling me about different things and at that point
I realized that my brother was a walking book of

Mark is a great brother, a fantastic son, and one
of the best Dad's that I know. He only has one child,
that would be the Drama Queen, Holly.

I wish my brother, Mark the best of the day and the
best the year can bring him. Happy Birthday Mark.
I love you.

Thanks for stopping by,


Pam D said…
Awww! That was beautiful! Happy birthday, Mark... you have one of the NICEST big sisters around!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Mark... I didn't meet you during my recent trip to TN..but I did meet your daughter Holly! You have a very beautiful family Ms Pam. Very talented and I so enjoy hearing about the wonderful sibling bond you have. It's awesome the way you all take care of each other and help out. But speaking of "Jack of All Trades"... You are one yourself. Guess you've had to be to take care of yourself and family. You've done very well...and I'm proud of you. But, back to Mark.. Happy Belated...since I'm backed-up on emails and am just getting to your sisters blog.. I wish you all the best this year. You have a great sister... Our friendship is very special to me.. so...keep her around a little longer lol! Oh wait..that is Ray that messes with her sooo. The big brother...too funny...but you deserve the teasing Pam... You get as much as you give.. And wow do you know how to dish it out! ;P.. Anyway, enjoy yr day. Hugs Nancy M.; Ohio

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