Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simple, Cheap and Easy Project

This simple and easy project cost me about $2.50 for each
lamp. All you need to start with is ribbon, tassels and

a lamp shade.

First I started with cutting the ribbon for the tabs, 2.5 times
the lenght as the width of the ribbon. I folded and ironed
the tabs in half then I folded the top of both sides about
a 1/4 inch ( this is the part that will fold down into the
top of the shade). I hot glued the flaps to the shade.
Then I ran the ribbon through the tabs. For this look. I took
the tassel and hooked it to the ribbon. Brought a new look
to an old shade and a little something to the living room.

Next shade is designed a bit different. It has 6 pleaded
parts that go down the lenght of the shade so I went
with a different look for it.

Same ribbon, tassels just applied differently.

I had the shades, and the glue sticks so all I purchased was the
ribbon I liked and the tassels. Now I have a new look to the
shades. Took about 15 min. to finish off both shades.

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Pam D said...

Good grief, Pam.. those are CUTE! Make sure you post this entry to Facebook; lots of those folks don't read blogs but will read the entry if you post it. LOVE it!

carma said...

fantastic - great way to dress up a lamp!

Welcome to SITS! We're glad you joined...

Christine said...

Wow...a little ribbon & a lot of knack! Nice pics and great how-to steps.

I feel like I could easily make this:)

I just wanted to stop in and welcome you to SITS & to wish you a little belated Happy New Year!

Brandy said...

I like both shades but the second one is REALLY cute!

Welcome to SITS!

Joy said...

Very nice! And great tutorial.

Welcome to the SITS community!

K said...

What a easy, cute project to do.

Welcome to SITS!

Anonymous said...

Pam.. you are forever busy! What a wonderful idea to dress up a lamp and give it new life! Beautiful quick...easy...and best of can be made to fit any budget! Nicely done! Your photos came out great... and I must say ... I love your fist photo with the ribbons/ is nicely displayed on that textured background... Not what you expected in your comment area huh? lol... Enjoy yr day..,Nancy M.; Ohio