Dressing/ Poinsettia

A week or so ago I saw on FB where the suggestion was made to cook dressing in a bundt cake pan.
(you can tell mine has been well used)

This is a pic I found on FB.

But a friend of mine actually gave it a try.

The suggestion on FB stated that it was better this way for cutting, storing  and it would take up less room on the  table. I can see that. Great idea.
Went out on BLACK FRIDAY today....
I saw an ad for this table saw in Lowes sales paper.
Mom and I headed that way to get it! An early Christmas gift to me from mom.  YAY.... I can't wait to try it out.
Then I headed to Kroger to pick up somethings. I saw these beautiful color poinsettias.


What a wonderful day.  Family ~ mine Family~ Lori's.  Food~ LOTS.
On the way to my brothers home I turned down his road and near the  church was a mess of wild  turkey, a woman in an SUV pulled over so her small child could see them. I pulled up next to her and asked her to roll down the window... I then told her that it was too late to kill and cook one of  those birds....and I headed on my way!
Here are the deviled eggs I made. I make these every year, both my brothers, nephew and my oldest  grandson loves them.  Check out the cranberry salad on the  left in the white bowl. Never had it but I loved it. Thanks for sharing to Lori's sister. It consist of fresh cranberries, oranges, apples, walnuts and sugar.

Have you ever noticed that sugar goes into just about every dish on  Thanksgiving?

Food spread out on the island.  That is it for pics. I usually take my camera and we do family pics but with the passing of Lori's mom I felt that her family would not feel like it. 
You saw my eggs.

Happy Thanksgiving


Christmas is Coming

And am thoughts are... what to do about Lily and a tree!
Haha....actually, I'm not that worried. But I saw this and had to laugh!

Yesterday I met mom at Wally World.... to pick out her Christmas gift! HAHA... yep, you don't buy mom anything until it is given the ok. 
Took this in the garden area. Christmas is moving up  FAST!

I am a Star War Fan.... but not anything like my son. I saw the very first Star War movie at the drive in (yes, that was when they were popular) when I was 17! Oh my gosh, it just hit, that 40 yrs ago.  Anyway, another comes out Dec. 15, 2017. I will wait till the crowds die down and while others work to go see this. I have NO problems going to the movie alone. That is the  breaks of being retired early in  life while your friends still work. of my favs. Christmas Merry Say You!

Baked two loaves of Rosemary bread yesterday. One to take to my  brothers and one for my friend Theresa to take to Kentucky for  her family get together. 

Eva McCall - Mother and Author

Meet Eva McCall my sis in law Lori's mom.

Author of the below books.

Eva went to heaven to be with  George, her husband who moved on a couple of years ago. She was 80 yrs old and visiting here from  N.C. for the holidays.
Eva was a very sweet and kind woman.
This is Eva and I in Cozumel Mx. during a stop over from our cruise ship in 2006.
Eva and Lori. 

Eva will be truly missed. RIP Eva.
Thanks for stopping in,

Shelving / New Kitten

Morning. I posted some of these pics before. 
I had the stairs covered before I started on the shelves.  Course this idea came from  PINTEREST.
Oh there are mistakes... but they are mine and I  am proud of the fact that at least it is secure and standing!


You see the window on the wall back  there?
I hit it with some stain to make it stand out a bit more. 

And here is a pic I have not  posted before.
It's done!!!