Humidity, Donkey's, Shopping Pics and Evie


Humidity is moving in.
Wed. is going to be a tad warmer so 
whatever I need to do outside, 
needs to be done, cause it is going to
be CRAZY warm come Friday.
Moon Pies | The Bake Dept
This is when I stay in and go run
errands later in the day.

 I keep the deck door cracked open for
the girls but when the temps go up,
I make them come in around noon and 
stay in till four or five, 

There is a home, about 15 mins
from there house that seems to have a big
turn over with 
Amber and I seem to think it might
be a foster home for farm
animals since there seems
to be a big turn over there.
There is always chickens, 
ducks and one day Amber 
saw a pig. But I have to say,
this is the cutest!

Mom was there for about a week 
before this little one appeared.
So cute.
It is a busy road, and hard
to stop and just enjoy watching 
the animals but I snapped these
pics while there was no one
around mem, from the car.
Would love to get out and 
watch them.

My friend Theresa and I used to 
(several yrs ago), festivals around 

This weekend in Bell Buckle TN,
(which I will not be going to)
is holding the 
Moon Pie Festival!
Moon Pies are from 
Chattanooga TN, 
to be exact and here in TN,
we enjoy a good festival.
You can read about it all here.
So glad that I don't have to travel
to Manchester TN.,
its Bonaroo time.
That is TN version of Woodstock.
You can read about this here.

On FB people have asked me 
how I always seem to get pics of 
things when I am out and about,
esp. in the car.
My secret is....
I open the camera on my phone, 
and either it is in the 
phone holder or my lap.
I will actually hit the button and take
a pic of nothing, to keep the phone
from closing down.
But doing this allows me 
to :
"be ready"!
When driving and shooting, I always
make sure it is safe to do, but
most times I just point and shoot
in hopes I get it.

But stores are easier of course and I 
saw this the other day that made 
me think of Liz.

You can find Liz over at

I was at TJ Maxx the other day and 
saw this after reading about Liz
working on EYES!

Then I saw these!

Yeah, I like bold and interesting 
this is not somehting I would wear
anywhere other that the house, 
prob as pj's!
What about you, is this something
you would wear out and about?

Picking about pj's, my son used to 
call them bedtime clothes.
I love how children see the world and 
little things in their daily life.

Like this little girl!
Evie is always smiling, always
being silly.
Here are a few pics my daughter

May be an image of 1 person and baby

May be an image of 1 person, child and sleepwear

May be an image of 2 people

She is such a ham. 
She went Wally World and Amber
got her some pj's to keep at her
house for spending the night.
All that she had to pick out, 
she loved the lemons.

Have a great day,




It's been pretty crazy hot and humid here too. You do always get some really interesting photos. Evie sure is a cutie!
Christine said…
Cute Evie!
Liz A. said…
Apparently the eye motif is in right now. Who knew?
Marie Smith said…
Evie is growing up so quickly! Such a cutie!

Having the camera ready in the car as you do is a great idea!
Ann said…
Temps are supposed to be really high here starting today.
Love the pics of Evie.
Darla M Sands said…
Silly me, I used my camera (long before I got a smart phone) like that while driving to our favorite vacation destination but never thought to do that locally. lol Donkeys are so cute, as is Evie. :D I can see why you thought of Liz and likely wouldn't wear those interesting slacks out and about. Be well, my dear.

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