TBI Cup, Crashing, Socks, Auger Bits, Critters, and Owning you Shit

 Yay, another coffee mug.
I knew I had this, I actually
have two. One however is put 
away along with a TBS mug. 
I had this one at Photo Services, 
but when I went back for the 
going away party, I brought stuff 
home, including the TBI cup.

That is it, how many cups does
one person need??

A view that is getting better
and better by the day.

This was taken a few days ago, 
but since a few days of
rain, it has gotten greener and 
greener. I love it.

I mowed on Friday, 
weed eating did not get
done. Was going to work on that
Saturday but, I could not 
get the darn weed eater started.
Going today and purchase
a battery one. That gas one is
a pain and its heavy....so there!

Saturday, after a couple
of errands, I crashed.

Crashed and curled up on 
the glider, tv on, cats watching
birds and I napped.
Then I got up and went to the 
couch and crashed.

I did stop on one errand and 
did some shopping. I will 
wear socks in spring and 
summer but I did realize
that I have a few worn out 
socks, when I saw these
I purchased them for 
next winter!

Yay, it came, my package
of augers!
Yep, I got excited about these.
With a rocky yard, I can't 
dig, and thought I was 
going to have to purchase a
big auger, then I found out that
you can purchase augers tools 
to attach to your drill.
Let the augering begin!!

After I mowed on Friday, I 
went out and saw these all 
over the house. I must have
woke them up. 
If I thought I could keep them 
alive, I would take a few
in and feed them till they
became a beautiful 
butterfly, but I am not 
going to do that.

Look how beautiful.

Just in case you were not 
aware of it....

a long time since I have been
on skates!!

What about you, how long 
has it since you skated around
in a circle? Were you a big
skater in the day?



I like your mug shot, cool. Way back in the day we did a lot of roller skating, it was the thing to do with all your pals.
Mari said…
I'm loving the green too! Nice mug. I seem to collect them and I don't even drink coffee...
I loved to skate when I was young. Now I would most likely fall on my butt!
Jeanie said…
Don't you love it when the woods start getting green and fluffy again? It's the best!
Liz A. said…
You need as many cups as people who come to visit. There's nothing wrong with having a large mug collection.
Darla M Sands said…
Your new home seems so idyllic. :D I don't want to comment on mugs, exactly, having broken one today that I just deemed useful yesterday (!). I should have moved it from the center island before bringing in groceries. ~sigh~ Maybe I should look into auger attachments. Our soil's very rocky; I didn't know these existed, so thank you for sharing. My roller skating days are long, long past. It was a thing in my teens as Terry mentioned. Then a friend insisted I go when in my twenties or thirties (?), but whatever the age my comical efforts to keep upright made everyone roar with laughter. Oh, well. At least I enjoy making folks laugh and I think some believed my antics were an act. lol Be well, my dear.
Ann said…
Back in high school it was a big thing to go to the roller rink on the weekends. I spent a lot of nights there. I would say my senior year was the last time I had skates on.

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