Reuseable Plastic Containers

Like I always do, I head to 
when I want ideas for 
Saturday, I had a question~
DIY Projects for 
Coffee Creamer
Plastic Containers.

Here is what I came up with, 
which also sent me to uses
for other plastic containers.
I don't use the creamer that comes
in clear containers, but you 
could always lable them for 
whatever you put in them.

I like this idea 
BUT I have a lot
of ribbon!
I see that thought in your head,
the one that is saying, "of 
course she does"!!!!

One thing I have used the containers
for in the past that I never
found on PINTEREST is
 for the kids. My grands seem
to head out with my glasses, so 
when they were younger I used
to keep straws on hand, fill up
a container with the drink of 
choice, slap the lid on with 
a straw and it don't matter if
it don't get returned. 

Make cookies to give to a friend,
stack them in a creamer container. 

I am a recycler to a point,
and it bothers me to throw 
glass jars, cans and plastic
containers out. But there comes
a point that you save them and you
have way to much. So maybe 
use a coffee container as a gift...
or the gift wrapping.

This is a cute idea.

Or maybe you need a set of


 How do you store plastic
forks and spoons?
Or what is a good way of 
having them out at 
a cookout?
You could try this.

More uses around the house
for coffee containers would be
for those endless supply of
plastic bags!

 cute idea.

Not sure what type of containers
these are, but you could also
use a coffee container. Easy to 
store and if you have this stuff
in a garage with other stuff, they
would be great for stacking.

If you love feeding birds, 
or helping with with homes for 
them, coffee containers
come in handy.

The one below is so adorable,
I would not use a can for 
a birdhouse, fear of it
getting to warm inside for 

You could make 
a cute silk flower
arrangement. However, I 
see using them, both cans
and plastic outside for 
plants, drill holes in the bottom
and plant a plant.
You could do something like 
below or cover with scrapbook
paper or spray paint, I 
however, would seal them so 
they hold up.

 Or, think Halloween!

Think plastic, and 

I personally like saving
glass jars and reuse 
for storage. 

A friend gave me a container
like this, protein powder came 
in it, I took scrapbook paper and 
Modged Podged it around
the plastic container, 
Then I applied stickers,
that spelled Dakota
on it, and that is what I stored
in dog food in it. 

What do you use to store in 
that is not the regular



Liz A. said…
So many creative people with so many good ideas. I have to force myself to throw things away as I have no storage space, and I'll never get these kinds of projects done. I'd donate my stuff to someone who could use it. (I have a square tin that I got cookies in a while back that needs a reuse, but I don't know what to reuse it for.)
Ann said…
Lots of clever ideas. I was going to do the one with coffee cans to put gifts in but never got around to doing it.
Marie Smith said…
Great ideas. Thank you for sharing!
Jeanie said…
I like reusing containers but I think your idea for the ribbon storage is the cutest I've seen!
presstfortime said…
What a great bunch of creative uses/reuses. I try to do this in my work to a point, considering my employer throws away more "stuff" than I'd care to share. Excellent!
Darla M Sands said…
How did I miss this? Very cool, ideas. Thanks for sharing, my dear.

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