Drop in and Grab a Snack and Say Your Goodbyes

 I just LOVE
my friends!

James and Julie had
a drop in for a snack, hug Pam 
and wish me luck on 
my move.

went to snap a pic
of her, me and James.
Course James and I had
to be silly. Once the pic was
sapped James asked if we should
do a normal one, and Julie said, 
"this is normal"!!!

Below is a pic of me
and Brian talking.
Brian is the BF of 
Rebecca, my friend and 
realtor. Brian went to the same
school as I but graduated two 
years after me.

Brian calls me Cool Breeze, 
cause on FB I will state things
like, "Storm coming, buckle down
the hatches", or tornado predicted"...etc.

Look at this beautiful group.
Back row, left to right ~ Wayne (Julie's
brother), Lisa (works the venue and 
Julie's cousin), Mitzi, Vic, Chris (friend and
we use  (to date), Renee (Chris' wife),
Barb (dear friend since I was 12), 
Pam (high school friend, and I set
for her cats), 
Front row, James, Julie, me with 
Ms. Scarlett in my lap, Lanina, 
Emily and my little bud, Winston.

Theresa was there and being 
a photographer, she is like
me, hates being in the pics.

Same group as above only
Theresa in the brown shirt 
was made to get in the pic.
Yep, we had to make her!

Now I know how folks feel
when I snap pics of people
when they are watching!
Below she caught me talking
to Pam.

Got no clue what
I was thinking about

James, Emily, 
Winston and Scarlett

More of the group.

 Emily and her babes, 
with her third in the oven.
Just love that family.

These are the cake making,
moonshine brewing
girls. Vic and Mitzi.

Pam and I.

Barb and I.

Julie's photography 

Wayne, Ms. Lillian, 
and Lisa.

Sister and brother.

Heather. She used to 
work the venue 2.5
yrs ago. She worked the
yard and up keep 
with Julie.

She now works for the 
state of TN.



Christine said…
Beautiful photos!
Marie Smith said…
What a lovely drop-in! Fun by the look of it.
Liz A. said…
Looks like it was a fun gathering.
How wonderful. So many friendships and beautiful memories.
Darla M Sands said…
Seeing all these beautiful smiles is contagious. :D Best wishes and hugs, my dear.
Ann said…
How nice of them to throw a party for you. Looks like a fun time.

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