Down to the Wire, Stealing the Christmas Tree, The Felines, Rainy Day and Misfire

Down to the wire!
Today is Sunday and I have
till the 10th to have all packed
and ready to go. 
Truck will be here early 
on the 11th. 

I rented a U Haul truck to
pick up later today to 
load everything in the
basement and garage, except
for the washer, dryer and freezer.
By doing that I can knock off cost
of the movers. 

I will load the truck this evening, 
and head out in the morning, I 
am meeting the inspector at the new
house in the morn at 8:30, and from there
I will run to the storage unit and unload.
Till then, I will get things moved 
near the garage door, and pack up the 
paints this morn.

Moving on....
I saw this on FB this morn.
Love it.

Missing my Christmas decor.

Last night I stopped by to 
feed my fav clients...



for the last time. 
I got to love on each one of 
them, I will miss them.

Saturday, I packed up the car
with stuff for storage
and headed down the road
for unload.

It was a nasty, messy, rainy day. 
Looks like we will see a tad
bit more sun today than we did

Friday, I went to visit Misfire 
before I move.

My girl is sitting right at 30 yrs
old now. She has access to the 
barn and to her stall but apparently
she thought it was better
to hang out when it rained...that
is why she looks so ragged.

And here is a laugh for the day.




Hopefully the weather brightens up for you on moving day. 30 years, that is a good run for Ol' Misfit and still going strong!
Jeanette said…
Hope your move goes well!
Marie Smith said…
You are doing well with the packing, organizing and other prep work, Pam. I love how you included the critters in a goodbye visit too.
Christine said…
All the best for the move
Jeanie said…
Wow -- 30 years. That's wonderful.

I hope you don't get ice as you go back and forth. I'm really impressed at how quickly you were able to pack and get it all together. I don't think I could have pulled that off!
Rhodesia said…
Good luck with the move and I hope the weather behaves. Take care Cheers Diane
Ann said…
That does look like a miserable day. Hope you get some sunshine. So you have to put stuff in storage? You can't just take it to the new house yet?
Stealing the christmas tree is such a creative idea.
Liz A. said…
Good luck on the move. You'll be in the new place soon enough that you'll be able to put up a couple things for Christmas. You might not be unpacked, but you can still have some Christmas ;)
You got this, you're almost moved and done. Love that funny!
Darla M Sands said…
I like that tree! What sweet kitty faces. And Misfire looks adorable with fluffed up fur. Best wishes to you and these precious animals, my dear.
BeachGypsy said…
Slowly but surely you are almost there ,Pam! Bet you're so ready to move into your pretty new home! Enjoyed seeing your big send- off by your friends Pam-- you sure have some great friends who care about you! Loved seeing your horse again too, and that grinch coming down out of the ceiling for the tree--- never saw that before--- so cute!
Hope your move goes well.

All the best Jan

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