I tend to have this issue with
my Fibro. With down days
things pile up and this 
works its way into my system.

With the move, I can't tell you the times
I have stood with my hands
on my hips, and just looked around
at what I have to do.
Its overpowering at times.

I only have two weeks
to do what I have to do
and yesterday my body 
shut down on me. 
I can't do that anymore.
I am trying to get all the 
craft stuff out of the 
garage and in storage in my
new area to cut the price of 
moving. Wow, a truck, loaded,
stored overnight, moved
and unloaded is over 2000 bucks.
So, hence moving things
to storage to keep from 
having to have a 2nd truck and
paying double.
Today, I have to suck up 
the overwhelming feeling
and get somethings done.

Wish me luck.



Hang in there, before you know it, you will be in your new house!
Jeanette said…
Oh good luck! I'm sorry your fibro decided to kick up at this crucial time!
Rain said…
Wishing you lots of luck Pam! ♥
Sandee said…
You're pushing yourself horribly. I wish I were close so I could help you.

Have a blessed week. Scritches to the kitties and a healing hug to you. ♥
Ann said…
Best of luck getting things accomplished. I can't image trying to pack up my house to move.
Christine said…
Wishing you luck, and hope.
Jeanie said…
Since I'm reading a little late I hope things have leveled off a bit and you're doing better. It's a huge task...
Liz A. said…
Is there someone to help you? Could you rope in some family to take a day and help you pack stuff up? Or help you move it into storage? I know, you want to do it all, but I bet you could get some friends or family to pitch in to make the work go more quickly. And I bet if you fed them, that would help. (You work on the food while they do the heavy lifting.)
Darla M Sands said…
I'm with Liz in hoping you get lots of help. ~hugs~ Good luck, my dear.
Hang in there, you got this!
Wishing you lots of luck, and sending my good wishes too :)

All the best Jan

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