Feeling Better, Claw, Tongue and Velvet

 Guess who is feeling better and
was able to go home
last night?
RSV, strep and I found
out she had a 
ear infection also.
Bless this little girl!

She is so silly!

Misty was
curled up next to me 
last night, sleeping.

But check out that claw
that was out!
Time for a trim!

Earlier I looked over 
and saw praying paws.

For some reason Misty
was sticking 
her tongue at me!

Oh, but how beautiful.

She looks like gray velvet 
and feels like it too.



Ann said…
So glad to hear Evie is feeling better.
That does look like a killer claw.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm glad Evie is home, the poor little dear. Misty River always reminds me of our sweet gray kitty Jezebel. I'd never trimmed that girl's claws until near the end of her life. They got so thick and gnarly that she'd get snagged on the carpet, a pitiful sight. Best wishes!
Good to hear Evie is doing better. That claw looks vicious!
Christine said…
Glad Evie feeling better!
Red Rose Alley said…
I'm so sorry little Evie had to go through all of that. I'm glad she's feeling better. She's a darling, and I love seeing pictures of her from time to time. She always looks happy. I hope the move is going well. It's always a lot when we move, exhausting, and overwhelming sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving Pam.

I'm glad to hear that sweet Evie is doing better. Hello pretty Lily and Misty!
Liz A. said…
Glad to hear that Evie is feeling better.
Marie Smith said…
Great news about Evie! Take care.
Jeanie said…
Love that smile! Looks like your cats are bed hogs, too!

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