Engine Trouble, Nappy TIme and Merriest of Bdays


I still have time to get 
it in the shop to see what is 
up with this!!

Cell phone cameras have come
a long way, but if you are 
across the room and zoom in 
a lot, pic is never good. But
you can use the B&W filter 
to make it so cute.

Lily Bit was ready for a nappy
yesterday while I laid around.
It amazes me how many positions
this girl can find. She is laying on her
side, twisted at the hip with the 
back legs in the air, 
in the world!
As it should be.

Yesterday, my younges grandson
turned 13!

I took this shot of Braden AKA B
at about a yr old. He was sitting
in an old suitcase looking
so adorable. 

I took the pic below last
yr at ball.
He is a little 13 yr old. 
B has the biggest of hearts, he
 loves hard! He esp loves his bestie,
Emmy Lou, his dog. They sleep 
together, on the same pillow.
He is his moms shadow and 
likes cleaning and cooking.
Yep, go figure!
He is a good kid.
Hoping he had the Merriest
 Bday of all.

I have written up the behind the
scenes of things that took place
during the journey
If you want to read, send email and I 
will send it out to you.
It is a throw together statement
thingy sort of so no teachers 
address my way of writing please!




That is a cute picture of Lily. It amazes me how much dogs and cats can sleep through the day. If only we could do that!
Marie Smith said…
Happy birthday to you sweet young man!
Christine said…
Happy Birthday Braden, how fast the years fly by.
Mari said…
Lily Bit looks so cute! They do lay in crazy positions.
Braden was adorable. still looks pretty cute!
Liz A. said…
Happy birthday, Braden.
Ann said…
Happy Birthday to Braden.
Darla M Sands said…
He does seem like a wonderful young man who is not unlike his grandmother. :D And what a dear photo. Best wishes, my dear.
I hope your ride gets fixed so you can make a clean sweep of things. Hello sweet kitty!

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