Thank you, Replies, Day Trip, Visitors and Watermelon with the KING

I would like to thank you all
for all the encouraging words when 
I post things about Fibro.
I do not do this for attention or your
sweet words, I do this to try and educated 
people who don't really know how liivng
with a chronic illness is. 
But thank you so much. I will share
with you that a lot of folks I come
in contact with would never be able
to tell I am in pain, even on the days
I hit the 10 plus. 
My friends knows it, 
my family knows it.
But to try and hold onto the last
of my life when I was normal 
(lol, that would be the normal in 
my head), for as long as I can,
however, with each passing year I
find that slipping away.

On that note, thank you Darla for
your sweet words.

 Darla M. Sands - Dreaming of Elysia (

Darla says, What a fun post! Thank you for
 brightening my evening. :D I know it's no
t all fun and games with chronic pain. ~hugs~ 
That you struggle through makes your stories 
even more precious. Best wishes, my dear.
Thank you Darla. It is nice
to have a cheerleader in my life.

Liz said in a post of mine about how 
showers affect me with my illness.
I've always showered at night. I'd rather not get 
up early. Then, after I shower, I have the rest
 of the evening to sit and watch TV and not
 contemplate going anywhere after. Worth considering?

I have never been one
to be able to shower at night.
Years ago that shower would
help to wake me. 
But since those years, It sort
of helps to keep the hair looking
good and to wash away the
night sweats I sometimes have. 
I also have sleep apnea and with 
wearing head gear, it flattens my
hair or leaves bumps and stuff 
in the hair. Only way to 
fix that is to shower. 
And although it takes a lot
from me, I still get the 
benefit of the body feeling and 
enjoying the heat, which does

My Friday morning as the 
sun was rising. 

commented on a post with this~
Nice to have such a thoughtful house
 guest. I've been wanting to see the 
movie he was talking about. One streaming
 channel only had the trailor and another
 had it for rent but I'm too cheap to pay for it.

I am the same way, it is not on HBO MAX,
or Prime so it except to purchase and 
I can wait till it comes to streaming.

Had a adventure yesterday. Tim, my house
guest is retired Army and National Guard and 
with that, with his ID he can get on any base. 
He told me he was going to KY
to Fort Campbell and did I want to do to
the PX with him.
I jumped on that!
And it might seem silly to you all
but I was excited. It has been many,
many years since I have been on 
that base. See my dad was retired
Navy, 33 yrs and mom used to go 
the once a month, buy groceries for a 
month and only have to pick
up milk, bread and eggs through that
month. I was prob in my mid teens
the last time I went. 
I remember the PX as being in 
this box like building, like a drug store, older too. 
So, I knew that all these yrs it had
to be a newer one and was I right.
Bigger than our Super Wally Worlds!!
Name brand clothes, things from 
kitchen ware to pets, to home
keeping, cleaning supplies...
everything. I was 
Thanks Tim for the day trip.

Visitors to the house this morning,
a doe and a feral cat.

Hoping the doe comes back, I threw
watermelon rind over the fence for her.

Did not manage to get a shot of 
the other guest this morning,
the ground hog.
Yesterday, it was mama skunk, and
the doe.
Day before, mama skunk and 
five babes, plus both feral cats. 
Of course, the hummingbird and 
array of other birds from a wren,
to two male cardinals and some beautiful
finch. It is 10 am and it is starting to 
warm up out here so 
I am going to finish up this post
and take the party back inside.

Day before yesterday, May 31st,
I figured that somewhere had to have
some rocking watermelon...
you the ones that you taste and 
they are juicy, and sweet, I was
right Aldi has them.

I cut my first watermelon of the 23
season and shared with Tim.
Although cats can have watermelon, 
mine care nothing about it.
Unlike the KING, Dakota that loved
it. We fought over who got the last
bite, I always won!!
I could not locate a pic
of him eating watermelon but
here is one with him eating
my cantaloupe!
My girls bring me smiles and 
laughter, the entertain me and I love
them so much but I miss
my bud.

POST is done, I am getting dressed and 
maybe hit a couple of yardsales
before it gets really bad.



Darla M Sands said…
You are so sweet! Sorry I haven't been posting much. I miss the King, too. ~hugs~ Aren't baby skunks adorable? Be well, my dear.
Christine said…
Been having a lot of watermelon too.
Ann said…
The only military base I've been on was Fort Knox when my son was there. I didn't see much of it.
That watermelon sure does look good.
Brian said…
Yummy watermelon! PX shopping sure can be fun.
Marie Smith said…
I’ve heard of a PX but never read about it. Interesting!
Liz A. said…
For a time, I was doing "skunk sightings" on my blog. They kept popping up, especially when I wasn't in my car. I was always paranoid I'd get sprayed.

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