Queen Annes Lace/Hemlock, Glazing Ball, Zinnia Bud, Plants and Cheers

 Interesting and actually
good to know.

I had this great idea.
I found this candle stick for
4.99 at GW.
So pretty. 
But, I don't burn candles, so 
what would I need with this?
My thoughts were to make 
a glazing ball stand with it.
 Here is the original price
for the piece.
A bowling ball (I had), 
spray painted
purple (I had)
 and placed on the 
candlestick holder. 
Placed it in the garden, only
after a bit, it fell over. Base not big
enough to balance and stay standing.
Crap....gotta find another
base now. 

Isn't that bloom the
 neatest looking
thing? Nature is so 
Be my first Zinnia to
bloom this season.

My Hosta will need to be 
thinned out soon.
Thinking about placing some
under the trees out front.

My begonias are doing great.
These two plants in the pot below
were in separate pots, they made it
through the freeze of Dec. but they
are just sitting there.
Not growing or looking like
they even want to grow.
I went ahead and put them
in a pot together. They
may or may not make it.

Got a bloom just starting, will be
busting out soon.
My Hydrangea bushes are looking
really good.
I am really happy about this
next bloom on this Hydrangea
bush. I have four. Three I got after I
moved here but this one, this
baby came from the other house,
This will be the first time for it
to ever bloom. 
When I got it here, it was cut
down twice by my yard guy adn I 
was not thinking it would make
it. But looking at the
bush below, I think it will
be just fine.
My Cypress Vine AKA
Hummingbird Vine is growing 
leaps and bounds.
Tomorrow I will be taking
up the most of the 
4 o'clocks and giving them 
away, I need something in the 
front of that bed that will
not be taller than what is behind
Today would have been the best
 day to work out in the yard, it got to 
81 but with NO HUMIDITY. 
I was on the deck with coffee in hand, 
once that was gone, I just stayed out
reading and surfing the net, FB and 
blogging. I did go out to pick up 
some punch my friends make, 
then I stopped at 
Dollar General for some 
pots for plants. 

I needed to get a couple of large
pots. I have two trees that have
come up. One a Maple, growing like
crazy in the flowerbed and an Oak 
growing behind my air unit. 
The Oak could stay back there till next
yr at this time, they grow really
slow. The Maple, I gotta get it out
of the flowerbed.  I will put them
in pots and let them grow a couple
more years before I actually put
them in the ground. 
Plus, you are not supposed to plant
trees and bushes in the months
without R's in them. So, Jan. Feb, March, 
April, Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec are okay..
June is not!

I took at break from the deck
for a bit and I moved to the 
swing! lol.....
Sitting on my swing looking at the 
side/back of the house. 
Maybe tomorrow if
they wind is not blowing, I 
will burn the wood, sticks and 
limbs in the fire pit.
Tuesday evening we had a wedding,
I tell you, the longer I do this, the 
stranger things and people 
I see and deal
with get. 
Enough said!
That includes Lisa too!
Drinking on the job!
Cheers to you 


Marie Smith said…
Dealing with the public as you do, on such a momentous day in people’s lives, you must see and hear it all!
Ann said…
Everything seems to be getting stranger these days. I can only imagine the things you run into with weddings.
Brian said…
That was a good tip on the poison plant! I do bet you hear so many strange things on wedding days.
Liz A. said…
It sounds like you've got lots to do in the garden. But plenty of time, right? So, just take your time. I wonder if you could find just a glass ball for that stand...
Darla M Sands said…
Happy Gardening, my dear!
Rajani Rehana said…
Beautiful blog
Jeanette said…
All of your garden looks so nice!

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