Critters to the Yard, Other Things in the Yard, Watermelon and the Sloth

Although, fall is my favorite time of the 
year, I love spring for other reasons.
The birth of all things new,
critters running around,
birds singing and my 
cats vegging on the deck with

This morning I stepped out with
my coffee to see not just the doe,
the feral (might or might not
be a Maine Coon, the ground
hog, a squirrel and couple of 
finch on the feeder....
all at one time!
Like a zoo with no cages.

Yesterday I grabbed my big camera
and headed to the yard.
Got a few Day Lilies in bloom.

But even a weed, a beneficial weed,
but a weed just the same, can make for a good

If you look close you will see
a sweat bee hovering above, but wait,
I caught another one on the 

A friend of mine left this great comment
on the above pic on FB~
Leave it to you to take a photo of a weed, and make it pretty!
Oh man, Aric, thanks.

Just a few things around the yard.


I have seen this on Pinterest
in several different forms and 
I love it. 

Wed. after work I picked up a
watermelon, my first of the season.
Tim helped me to knock out
that watermelon but I also worked
on it after he went to bed and 
again in the morning....

Yesterday I went back to Aldi and 
got two more for me, or us, if
I decide to share!
And I got one to drop off at
James and Julies.
Plus, I dropped off rind
from the one the night before
for the chickens. 

Here has been my 
rule of thumb when
I first started on FB.
Friends, except friendship from 
people you know. 
Then I had folks asking for 
friendship that I really did not
remember from school, might not
have been in my class, but they
went to same school. 
I have a friend on here, Gina,
she was a DuPonter. Asked for friendship
years ago, although we really don't know
each other. 
She lives about 15 mins from me and
she has a ten yr old granddaughter 
fighting that terrible 
word. I private messaged with Gina
to ask what her grand liked and I 
was told she loves sloths.
So I painted this for her to hang in 
her room.

I got out and about yesterday and 
dropped this off for her.
I hope if brings smiles. 

Love when memories on FB pop 
up to bring me a 
Three yrs ago...

Crazy ladies...



Rhodesia said…
What a lovely post, great photos and I just love that sloth, well done. Keep well Diane
Christine said…
Love the flowers soring is my fave season
All your yard goodies look wonderful and that sloth is so cool, I'm sure she'll love it.
Ann said…
Watermelon sounds good. Lots of good things to take pictures of in your yard. That's such a sweet thing of you to do with the painted picture. I'm sure it will brighten her day.
Love to sloth, so nice of you!
Jeanette said…
That was very sweet of you to paint the sloth. I'm sure it is bringing lots of smiles! Love the yard pictures!
Jeanie said…
Love your sloth. That was very kind. My FB has come out of control with people who know me (and I know peripherally) but not well. It's frustrating.

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