Belly Showing, Skeleton, Rabbit, Kids on a Log, Gum Machine and Shelve

Woke the other morning to
this site.

How do you just NOT
want to reach out and rub
that tummy??

It is so soft!

Such a little head on 
that body.

Stopped at Home Depot for
spray paint and as I was leaving
I saw this in the back of
a truck.
Too cute.

He appears to have been riding
around like this forever!

I don't stop at Goodwill like I used
to. But every so often I stop
and run in for a look
I used to have things like this
all over the yard in flowerbeds
at the other house. Most of it had
been out so long that 
I just trashed it when I moved.
I have not built it back up
but I saw this cutie at GW
and I had to snatch it up.

Also, found this at GW for 3.99,
think I will paint it and place in the 

This I picked up at a yard sale
over the weekend. 
I found one at GW years ago,
gutted it, and made a birdfeeder
of it. I gave it to my brother for
his bday. I love them cause these
are metal and glass.
I will also, be gutting this
one and doing to same, but
for me.

I gave 3 bucks for it,
but when I got it home I 
found just over 4 bucks inside.

Next, I picked this up at
GW. It was gold. I do not
do gold. I paid 1.99. Brought it
home and spray painted it 
an antique white for 
the BR.

I love a good deal but I love
mostly that I felt like doing
a few of these things. 

Saturday however was not a great
day. I thought I would challenge 
myself and get out, make myself
do something. Usually, when it gets 
hot I wait till after four or five to get
out and about. 
It was not that hot when I left.
I went by and dropped something
off for Theresa. Went and
dropped something for Mark.
Stopped at Lowes. 
Walking around the garden area,
it was hot,
oh, and did I mention I was in 

Well, the pain, the heat, it all
just became too much. 
I was not sure if I was going
to pass out or up chuck.

I paid for what I had, fighting 
through the pain, I left.
Sit in the car with the air on,
pain let up. I thought I could make
it through Big Lots.
Another, spell so I came home.
I got in the house and for
15 mins, I was dry heaving,
shaking and I felt like CRAP.

So here is the thing, I had a colon 
test back in Nov. I hurt the day
after and I have never felt like that
before. But after that, all was well.
A few weeks in, I started having
spasms in my colon. It was a hit and
miss sort of thing, very random. 

Few months after that, it picked up and
started to become more frequent.
I have spells like this with my IBS,
but my spasms have always been up

It has been so bad so before that
I have almost hit my knees.
With that, I am also having bouts
of nausea. 
Then a few months back, it became
an everyday thing. I keep putting off
going to the doc cause I keep thinking
it will get better.
But, I think I will be calling for 
an appointment. These spasms
get very intense. 
So, with that said, I am avoiding
the heated temps, I am 
not pushing like that again.

Will keep you all posted.



Marie Smith said…
Pam, I was hoping you were feeling better this week. I hope this will pass and you will have a few days of pain free life! Take care, my friend!
Ann said…
That doesn't sound fun with the spasms. I would definitely call a doctor.
Sandee said…
Awww, Misty is most adorable. I would have loved on that tummy. Adorable.

Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Liz A. said…
Definitely don't push yourself when you're feeling poorly. Yikes. I hope the doctor figures out what's wrong so that that pain can stop. You've got enough going on to deal with.

I had one of those gumball machines when I was a kid. I have no idea what happened to it. I'm sure my parents probably got rid of it at some point.
Brian said…
Yes, get those spasams checked out sooner than later. Misty, we love that sweet tummy and that skeleton is a hoot!
Pilar said…
Misty is adorable! I hope you feel better soon Pam!
BeachGypsy said…
loved seeing what all you've been up to, Pam! Please go to the dr and see about that stomach issue tho, okay? I hope you are feeling lots better by today! Soft silky snuggly kitties!

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