Morning Coffee, Being Watched, Laundry Signs, and More Plants

 Way cooler on the deck Monday
morning than Lily Bit and I wanted
to be so we moved inside.
 I did coffee in the house and
Lily napped.

I can't believe that I had never
seen this before.

I was sitting in my daughters living room
and felt I was being watched!!

laundry, that dirty little
secret that is always in our life.

this morning and thinking on the 
lines of laundry here are some cute
things I found.

Once upon a time, in my first
 purchased home, 
 I had a laundry room,
Decorating was not a thought 
then, it was just a room where
I washed clothes and past through 
from the back door.
But how I have missed it.
Even in my last home I had
better access to the washer and dryer
but it was in a closet....still better 
than the basement!
Oh well....

Played outside a bit again yesterday.
This is my perennial garden.
Iris's are doing great.
Spiderwort made it through the winter 
along with some other things.
In the front of this bed I did plant
some seeds of cone flower and 

I have always loved plants
on steps if it gives you room to
still walk. 

My herbs. I did buy at new
Rosemary. I never plant till after
the 15th. But I bought these plants
while they are available, I needed
to get them out of the kitchen so 
I got ahead of myself. The Rosemary
paid the price. 
This weekend they will get covered.

Planted the seeds for my
Hummingbird Vine.

Two hours worth of slow
work and I was done. 
Worked on some class reunion
stuff and did not much more
than my two hours. 

Hoping your plants are 
popping out and looking




Marie Smith said…
Oh how I wish my plant were popping out, Pam. You make spring sound wonderful!
Sandee said…
I love all the funnies. I don't give a sip either.

I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Ann said…
I would love to have an actual laundry room. Oh well.
Dearest Pam,
Well, good for you and Lily to go inside for your morning coffee!
It has to be a little bit warmer for enjoying the outdoors.
Last week I've done laundry since good 6 weeks. There was a lady that came and did it for us though.
But feeling 'in charge' again.
It is a never ending battle though and the lost socks thing seems to be universal.
Your herbs and plants seem to be happy!
Brian said…
Everything sure looks pretty and so do you sweet Lily. Those big eyes on the cabinet are pretty funny.
Christine said…
I did some weeding today.
Darla M Sands said…
I wish your laundry room wasn't such a travail. Maybe you can hire someone to move things. I know electrical work and all that isn't cheap but your health is well worth the cost. ~hugs~ Be well, my dear.

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