Soil, Plants, Heron, and Ducks All in a Row

I have to say that I 
understand, I have always loved
working in the dirt when I was
Thursday, I actually worked in 
my flowerbed, no gloves, just
hands and dirt.

I have lots of stuff coming
up. Iris, Hydrangea bushes, 
Lilies, Lemon Sage and
pretty sure I spotted some
Lambs Ear coming up.

The English Ivy kicked the bucket...
Not sure about my 
Crepe Myrtle but they usually come
in later anyway. 
Lost a bush in the front yard during
the Ice Storm of Dec. 2022.
However, I never plant new and 
fresh until after April 15.
But that don't mean that I have not

I have Rosemary, Oregano
and Spearmint (lost those
this winter), flowering Grape Hayaciath,
Crocus, Daffodils, Irish Moss and 
a Cypress type tree I got for 
Christmas to plant. 
I am getting ready.

I went to the Chiropractor then I took
a drive by the lake and saw this
heron just hanging out.

If you have not learned by now, 
let me let you in on something...
there are times that I have to 
mess with others. 

Several weeks ago my SIL posted
a pic of a bunch of yellow
ducks in a row. 
The comment Kim posted with
the pic was, 
"Well, I guess Mark has his ducks
all in a row"!!

Couple weeks ago, when I was 
sitting with the cats I noticed
on the window sill in the 
bathroom, all these little yellow
ducks, all in a row.

The other day I was at 
Dollar Tree
and saw a larger, gold glitter
looking duck, and the light bulb
went off!
(this is how lights in my 
fibro head looks, 
all jumbled up)!

Anyway, when Mark went to work
today, I snuck over to the house,
went in and made room for
the gold glittery duck in 
between the yellow baby

Kim is supposed to let me know
when he sees it and 
she is not going to let him
know how it got there!!

You know, sometimes you just
have to do what you 
gotta do!

Mark found the duck, asked
Kim did she put it there and 
of course she said, "No".
Next question, "has Pam been
over here"!
Okay, so I guess people
know I do silly things like
this. lol

Anyway, Kim told him 
that she did not know if
I had been out there
(yes, I have a key).

Mark became concerned
about someone being in the
house, a thought I never
took into consideration, so 
I texted him and asked
him if he got the gift I
left. He thought it was 
funny but was trying
to figure out how it 
got there....
sometimes I guess I need
think things
through more!



Christine said…
It warms up tomorrow, snowed a bit last night but spring is here
Dearest Pam,
The arrival of spring is a very good feeling for all of us.
Always loved to work with bare hands in the dirt, till I ended up at the ER with a severe rash from head to toe.
Got advised to wear gloves so I wear thin cotton gloves with examination gloves on top.
That has kept me safe since that severe attack.
Mari said…
I think Herons are such majestic birds.
You have a good start on plants.
You and I would get along great in real life, I'd do something like your duck trick too. You made me laugh!
Bill said…
LOL, love the ugly duck story. :)
Jeanette said…
You have a nice Spring going! Michigan has yet to get the memo but we're hopeful this week is the beginning of warmer weather! Cute idea about the ducks!
Liz A. said…
Yeah, there is that problem: did someone break in the house? Otherwise, great prank. Although, you should have saved it for April 1st ;)

I'm not a big fan of dirt. I can't get past not liking getting my hands dirty. Well, that, and I can't get anything to grow. Gardening is not for me.
Ann said…
Can't say that I have ever enjoyed playing in the dirt.
Cute idea with the duck.
Jeanie said…
Look at all those plants on your sill! I bring mine in and they die from lack of light. Looking FABULOUS!!!
Marie Smith said…
You keep life interesting, Pam!
Darla M Sands said…
You're so funny. I do that sort of thing to my husband after he goes to bed. It's been a while, come to think of it. I need to pull a stunt soon. lol That heron is stunning. Nice photo! Seeing so many spring bulbs popping is a joy. I'll be setting up my tiny in-ground fountain soon. That's always fun to tinker with. Best wishes!

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