Old Friend, All Comfy with Lily and Misty and the Shoebill

 On Friday I had lunch with 
a sweet friend. 
Actually, Wendy and I go
back so much further than
just being freinds.
This woman will turn 
50 in Sept. and I have known her
since she was born. I actually started
babysitting her at three months old.
In a word, I changed this womans
diapers. HAHA

Wendy and I were inseparable,
I taught her the ABCs and how to
count. I introduced her to Opryland 
(theme park) and to
Donny and Marie Osmond. 
Even when I was not babysitting her
we were together. I would load her
up in a stroller and off we went. 
She even would spend the 
night with me on weekends.

Then at three years of age, 
her family moved two hours
down the road. That did not stop
me, I would go get her for a week
at a time and when I worked
mom kept her through the day. 
As dating, then marriage, and
kids came into my life, our
times together became less and 
less. I did however attend her
graduation, her wedding and I 
even did her daughters first 
bday as a clown. 
Daughter turns 30 this yr. 

Funny part, Wendy was born
in the house next door to me.
Grew up in McEwen, and then
a few years ago, her daughter moved
back to this area. Wendy was
here dog sitting for her daughter's 
dogs and reached out for lunch.

It was great catching up. 

Now do these poses say
comfy and safe feeling to 

Aw. and look at that
cute little white face!


The next day after a 
bath, Lily had to 
work on her manicure!

Thursday night I looked
over and found my
little princess curled up
next to me.

Shoebill stork. 
A large, long legged wading bird found
in tropical East Africa in large swamps from South Sudan to Zambia.
It looks like a stork but
 the genetic evidence places it with pelicans and herons.

I have to agree, I read it looks
like something out of 
Jurassic Park!

Thinking I would hate to 
see something like this fly over!

I am still amazed at my
age the new things I learn!




Mari said…
I loved reading about your friendship with Wendy! That's a long and good one!
Liz A. said…
I bet it was nice to catch up with an old friend.
Dearest Pam,
Half a century of friendship is special!
My best friend Elly and I have known each other for 58 years and we treasure that.
Your kitties are lucky fur babies—as are our five fur babies.
As for learning—we continue till we die...
Ann said…
That's a long time to be friends. How wonderful that you are still in contact.
That is one interesting looking bird.
Darla M Sands said…
What an amazing friendship. ~hugs~ Those sure are confident kitties. :D And I've always found those birds are a bit scary looking, too.
Marie Smith said…
Glad you had time with Wendy. It must be great to catch up on each other’s lives.

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