Odd Car, Misty, Winters and Fibro Truths

 Driving into work
Thursday, I pulled up 
beside a car driven by
a young man, and the steering
wheel was on the 
side of the car. 

I have never seen this

Look at my sweet baby
girl sleeping at the 
end of my bed.

In this pic below, 
Misty is asking if that
pose makes her look fat?


Six Little Winters of TN

There are five little winters
for TN are 

  1. Redbud Winter: early April only we are in it now
  2. Dogwood Winter: late April
  3. Locust Winter: early May
  4. Blackberry Winter: mid May
  5. Britches Winter: late May
Yay...more to look
forward too. 

Remember the post 
from yesterday?

I had made it to travel on the list,
a 30 min drive makes getting
out of the car, gaining balance and
walking is not always easy. Travel that
is longer requires stops here and there to
stretch. A plane trip, I really have
to wait till others get off the plane
before I try. Once it get to moving its
ok. But the stress and time it puts
on my body is not always fun....
okay, rephrase that, NEVER fun.

Eating, I have no issues eating, 
my issues coming in the form
of cooking something that is
good for me. Snacking, I am 
good at but I need to work on
what I snack on.

Socializing and calls....this had been
prob the hardest of all.
You see, and I know you will find this
hard to believe, but I have
been a social person. Fibro
has robbed me of 
the ability to enjoy being that way.
It has robbed me of being able
to keep a clean house in which
to entertain friends for dinner,
or just a get together. I has taken 
from me that being about to get out
and go. Yes, I do still do that but
if you only knew the events I have
to cancel on. How I avoid calls,
just cause I don't feel like talking.
How I avoid seeing and meeting 
people. I even have slight panic
attacks at times over getting out.

Managing finances, I have all
my bills taken out of my
checking account because there
were those times I forgot to pay
a bill and something got cut off.
I have a hard time
also in making decisions on
simple task...
so not the old me.
Simple task I was a pro at....

It is Friday morning and 
I am on the deck wiht 
Misty. Wind is blowing and 
Lily apparently does not care for 
the sound of the tin roof when the 
wind hits it. 

Its a beautiful morning though, and
the wind though it feels good
has a slight chill to it.

Headed in to take a shower
now that coffee is done. I have
a lunch meeting with an old 
friend today. 
Being that the temps are good,
and its a nice day, my
pain, my fatigue and my
anxiety are low. I am hoping
to enjoy my lunch with 



Mari said…
So cool to see that car here. It would be hard to drive it I'm thinking.
Your post on chronic pain is interesting to me because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Some of those can be difficult for me. I laughed at keeping plants alive, because I had issues with that far before I had issues with RA!
Brian said…
We have several of those imported cars around here. Misty sure does look cozy and happy. I hope your pain totally ignores you for a while.
Darla M Sands said…
Classic/foreign cars are always fun to see. I'm sorry you suffer so. ~hugs~ Socializing in tiny doses works for me. Apparently, our neighbors love me. lol I'll stroll a block or so with dog walkers some evenings that result in hugs and even a summer pool party invitation. Be well, my dear.
Christine said…
Is it even legal to drive that car
Ann said…
The post office here has a couple cars like that.
Liz A. said…
I hope you had a great lunch.
Jeanie said…
I like that list. Misty does not look fat. Just decadent!

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