Limes and Lemons, Deck Time, Work and Lighting Fires

 This might not be a bad idea
if you are having guest to
your outside area, but to do it
regularly, it might not be.
You would be replacing dried up
lemons and limes all the time.

However, I am all for keeping
the blood suckers away from 
me when I am outside. 

Oh, but the smell of cloves....

Wednesday was a cool 50 degrees
on the deck when I had my
coffee so I did not venture
out. This morning was a nice
61 and I am out with my 
coffee, my laptop, my phone (for pics),
the feline furs, the birds chirping,
a dog in the distance barking and 
those freak'n planes that come
over every minute, right over 
the deck! Drives me nuts. 

In the pic above there was
a bird that landed on the 
tin roof and proceeded to click
around with their tine feet, got
the girls attention.
Anyway, good morning!

Tuesday morning, I headed to town
to work.  Put in four hours and 
came home. Today as I set out here
writing this advanced post, it is Tuesday.
I am heading in to work again
today. Wow....two days in 
one week. I actually did that
two weeks ago also. 

Things pick up and drop off
for the photographers off and on.
Right now, seems to be an "on"
period. My contract for the year
ends in April but the paperwork
has been filled out and turned in 
for one more year. 
Funny thing how it works.
I am a retired state employee of 
33 yrs. When you retire you can 
go back as a contract employee.
You have to wait three months from 
the time you retire till you 
start back. I however, had no plans
of going back so I was three yrs
into retirement before I headed back.
And I only went back cause I got 
a call saying I was needed.

For those that don't know, I did
14 yrs with Printing and 
4 with Photo Services, which
is a part of printing. 
My friend Theresa also worked
in Photo Services. When Chief 
Photographer retired, and T was 
having to pick up that slack and
do shooting also, they needed
someone to work on the billing.
I was a good choice, since I had
done it for 4 yrs. before leaving
for the TBI. 
Basically, I am there to help her out
till my body will not allow
me to do it anymore.

The way the contract works is,
a contract employee can draw
their retirement and a pay check 
they do not work over 120 hours
during the contracted yr. 
That is not a problem. 

Coffee is done. Felines are
chilling and I am going
to get ready for work.
The felines can enjoy deck
time till I need to leave.

For those not aware I also
suffer from Fibromyalgia.
RIght now, sunny, not cold
and no rain, my pain is not 
bad. Other days, it sucks. 
But I saw this on FB and wanted
to share. This goes for
all who suffer from any
chronic pain issues.
Image this have to get up, make your
bed, take a shower, get dressed, eat something to start
the day, leave the 
house, travel just 30 mins, 
socialize with co workers, 
head home and stop for 
You could be looking at several hours
to days at being down from that
one day. 

So here is where I am ~
I do not make the bed.
I am weeks behind on laundry to the 
point that today I will put on 
my last clean pair of
panties (TMI)!!!
I have dishes stacked in the sink
right now that need washing
(no dishwasher), and my whole
house needs a cleaning.
Showers cost me the time it takes
to bath and wash my hair, 
plus 30 mins or more to get 
any kind of energy back from what
it takes from me. 
Cooking, unless its basically an open
a can or two or a one pot crock pot
meal, it normally don't happen.
Leaving the see I 
chose to blog when I know I need
to leave. 
Getting dressed, still in my gown 
and robe. Grocery shopping, I have finally
learned to order online and pick up.
Plants alive, I normally have
three, which might even be down to
two now. I water them maybe twice
through the winter. Outside plants are
easier cause I enjoy watering with 
the hose. That does not take the 
much from me...expect to
roll the hose back up.

This post is getting longer and longer
as I go. I think I will end for now
and pick back up on the next blog.
By the way, my only reason for sharing 
is not for pity but to enlighten you to 
something others might be dealing 
with. Most of us with 
chronic pain issues look really
normal, and most of us push 
it to the max to live daily, so
you might not always know that 
someone you know might 
suffer from pain, daily, 
24/7, 365 days a year. 

Now, I need to light a fire
under my rear, so to speak and get 



Liz A. said…
You can only do what you can do.
Jeanette said…
My SIL suffered from debilitation fibromyalgia for years and it took forever for her to get a definite diagnosis. It was hard to see and I felt really bad for her. I hope someday they can find a cure. Your deck looks like a fun place for your cats!
Dearest Pam,
We are very lucky for having our resident tiny bats that eat all the mosquitos so we have no problem and don't need to sacrifice lemons or limes for warding them off.
Christine said…
Make the best of the weekend.
No need to hurry, just do what you can, things can wait.
Marie Smith said…
Life with pain is tough. Be easy on yourself, Pam. Housework can wait.
The Happy Whisk said…
Sorry you have to hurt from that. I have a friend who has it and it's hard on her. Love that you got to go back to help out though. That's pretty cool. Here's though, to not overdoing it. Happy Weekend.
BeachGypsy said…
Pam I love those pictures of the kitties on the porch! You've got it all nice and clean and ready for spring/summer for sure. Hope you're feeling better today. Cant beleive its the weekend already
Barwitzki said…
Limes and lemons with cloves...I'll keep that in mind for summer.
Many greetings to you.
Happy weekend - yes
Ann said…
I used to live near the approach to an airport. There were always planes going over and soooo loud.

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