Ducklings, Elevator and Pitcher

 Remember the 
blog post back a few
days ago about my brother
having his ducks all in a row?
And about me adding 
an ugly duckling?

This is how it went....
The next morning after I left
the ugly duckling, Mark came
out of the BR asking his wife,
Kim, did she add this to the 
window sill? She did great, telling
him, she did not, and asked him where
he got it. He then asked if "PAM"
had been over. 
Kim told him that she did not
think so.
Then he was scratching his head
and saying he wondered where it came

I was not going to tell him
but with him wondering how someone
got in the house to leave the
duckling, I felt he needed
to know. I did not want him
worrying about it.

So, I had to tell him.

Tuesday, I went to Photo Services
to work. I had to get on the 
elevator to go down a floor and
I had to laugh.

This is why~
Years ago when Photo Services
was on the 23rd floor, and I had
to take the elevator to the 3rd floor,
it got stuck!
An elevator full of people, stuck
between floors. 
After about ten minutes, help 
came. They started to pull
open the elevator doors to
get us out and telling us
that they would have us out
soon. I then said, from the
back of the elevator, 
"good, please hurry, my
water just broke"!!

Everyone in the elevator looked
around at me with a questioning 
look. I then smiled and said'
"just kidding"!!!

asked if my daughter works
at the wedding venue with me.

Mari, my friends own and operate
the wedding venue. 
I am an assistant there but
no, my daughter does not work
there also. I have been working
there about five years now. 
You can actually 
read about the venue here

I was surfing FB the other
day and on one page I 
follow I saw this cute arrangement 
someone had made. In the
center of the arrangement was
a pitcher.
That pitcher caught my attention.
It was just like one I have.

This once is mine.

This belonged to my great grandma. 
There is no markings on 
the bottom so I don't know the 
age or anything about it. 
But it was cool to see 
one just like this one on

Thanks for stopping in,


BeachGypsy said…
I love your old pitcher!!--lots of history there--treasure it! Elevator story was funny! Has it warmed up there yet Pam? We are covering our kitchen garden at night its been so cold-- not usual for us. We will plant our big garden soon.
Sandee said…
You made me laugh with the ugly duckling.

My water just broke. Bwahahahahahaha.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the precious kitties. ♥
Liz A. said…
You do have an odd sense of humor. Now you have to top the ugly duckling for April Fool's, you know?
Dearest Pam,
What a joke from the back of the elevator...
BUT such things could happen in reality.
One ponders about the pitcher information and can only guess.
BeachGypsy said…
PS-- Yes they had lil pots of clover for sale!!LOL-- Was in the floral section
Ann said…
LOL too funny about your comment in the elevator.
Brian said…
That was a pretty funny elevator story! I'm always glad that someone has their ducks in a row.
Mari said…
I Love your comment in the elevator. That was quick thinking!
Thanks for the answer on the wedding venue. I checked out some of the photos. It looks like a great place.
I love old pitchers and yours is a beauty!

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