Styles and Lily

 Morning bloggers!

Was surfing FB the other day
and saw this. 

How do you feel about a look like
this? Me....I love it. 
I am the type that don't measure
spots before hanging. Things don't
have to line up, mix and match of
frames and items adds interest!
Do you like this sort of style?

Speaking of styles,
check this out.

Who watched the Grammy
awards Sunday evening?
Me - I never do. I stopped
watching that sort of stuff years
ago.  Things like the clothes are 
part of the reason why I care
not to watch.
I was not surprised at what I saw
on FB come Monday with what
the stars wore. 
I just have to ask, 
what were they thinking?

Oh, Harry Styles, REALLY?

I really would like to know the
thoughts behind his outfit.

Ashley McBride.
The girls (ladies you know what
I mean) needed some support. 

Also, I am throwing my thoughts of 
tats on women, in this conversation.
Keep in mind, not meaning to piss
anyone off, we all have our thoughts
and yours might go in the other 
direction than mine.
I think women do fine with tats so 
long if they are not HUGE, or all over
coverage. I know if someone gets a tat,
they usually have a memory attached to them.
I know mine does. Nothing wrong with that,
but I don't feel like you need
to tat up all over with memories.
Just my thoughts.
In other words, I do not care
for Ashley's tats. 

I have to admit, I have no clue
whom this lady is. 
She is pretty but that dress is
not doing her any favors.

I would have liked this 
dress and the design better
if the skirt part was longer.

Beautiful girl, there again,
dress does her no favors. 

And this designer should have been
fired. Color is great and removing
that swirl up around the head and it
would have been stunning.

And hence, this is prob the reason
I am not a designer! 

And as beautiful as Shania is,

Did you ever see the old
show in the 70's, 
H. R. Puff and Stuff?
Looks like this is where
she got this outfit.

The ladies trying to make a 
statement with those
wild outfits should take
a lesson from Taylor 
Swift, her outfit was
very classy.

Keep in mind that these
are my thoughts.
Take them, leave them or
leave me yours.

While you are leaving me 
your thoughts on these 
styles, leave me your
thoughts on these beautiful

Lily is getting better with 
being in the same bed with 
Misty. For months, she would not
sleep in the same bed with us.

Later Lily moved up
to lay behind my knees and 
a head rub.

She loves her cheek bones


BeachGypsy said…
I have no idea who any of these people are!! I quit watching the awards years ago too.i did recognize Taylor swift and yes she, looks classy and not tacky! The red hair woman is Shania twain!!!??--- doesn't look like I remember her looking. Those "dresses" are awful-- I do believe they are trying to be as naked as possible and still get by with it
Marie Smith said…
I’m with you about the clothes. I gave up watching those wealthy people strut and expose their stuff years ago. Anything for a headline, trying to stay relevant.
Sandee said…
Love the first look, but the clothes are not my cup of tea.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Christine said…
I like Harry Styles. Taylor Swift must have a stylist, she looks great.
Liz A. said…
I can't with the dresses. I know there are shows that spend a lot of time discussing fashion. I just can't. When I look at clothes, it's about what I want to wear, and none of those dresses are made in my size (nor would I have anywhere to wear them). So, I just can't muster up the interest.
Brian said…
Hello sweet Lily and Misty! Hey, Harry has no styles at all and I'm glad all of those so called famous people support Goodwill Shopping.
Ann said…
I like the look of that first picture.
As for the Grammy awards, no, don't watch them. Those outfits are all hideous. I can't believe anyone would pay good money for clothes like that. I've never been a fan of highly tattooed look. I saw a girl I worked with a while back in a picture wearing her wedding dress. The dress was gorgeous but with her arms covered in tattoos it just took away from the elegance.
Jeanie said…
It came as a shock to me that I am too old for the Grammys. Who ARE these people, anyway? And oh, Lily Bit! Love!
Darla M Sands said…
I prefer what our fur babies wear over these celeb-u-tards. :D The eclectic photo arrangement is definitely my style. Be well, my dear!

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