New Glass, Working, Ice Pics, Lily and Misty

 LOVE my new
glass I picked up Thursday on
my way home from work.

How true!!

Working on entering invoices
and doing the billing
in Photo Services today. 

Had my music on and earphones
in cause we had a full
house. T, Dawn, Randall
and I were all in the office
today so I did not wanting
my music to bother anyone.
Plus, it helps keep the talk
down in the office down so I 
can concentrate.

On my way out the door
Thursday morning I
took some pics of the ice
around the yard.

Wednesday we were trying
to thaw out, you can tell by
the droplets. Funny how they
frozen in the drop 

I never took down all the 
vine from the Hummingbird
vine. I had read where bugs use
the vines, leave and dead flowers
to hibernate through the winter. 
WOW....looks cool.

Ice might make life wicked
but it sure is pretty.

All curled up by me on 
the cold morn. 
Lily behind the knees and 
Misty at the other end of
the couch. 

My sweet furs. 

Do you take a nap after
you get up out of bed?
funny, I know.



Liz A. said…
I have days where I promise myself I can have a nap later if I just get up now.
Brian said…
Brrrr on the ice! We've not had any ice down this way yet. Lily and Misty sure got their cozy on!
Ann said…
I have a cup that says My dog is my Valentine.
I'm not a fan of ice on the roads and causing damage to power lines but it makes for wonderful pictures.
Most of my napping happens in the evenings.
Christine said…
Lovely icy photos

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