Last Year, Fun Time in the Basement, Woodburning and Living Room Decor

 This month last year,
the ladies gave me a 
surprise bday lunch.

Silly bunch.

Been wonky around my 
area the last few days.
Ice, ice and ice. 
I was going into work Tuesday morning,
but I woke in the middle of the 
night with tummy issues that lingered
for about 24 hours. I was 

I took it easy all day Tuesday and 
again on Wed. 
As I type this, it is Thursday and 
I am heading in, in just a bit.
Was waiting to be sure the roads
are clear and the crazies are already
at work!

So being sick I did not achieve 
a lot. I did get dishes washed and 
the kitchen clean, dusted the 
living room, and dining room floors.
Last night (Wednesday) I washed 
two loads of clothes, and locked
myself in the basement!

Yep, you read that right.
I have told you folks that if something
strange can happen, it will happen 
with me!

I took a load of laundry
to the basement. Moved clothes from the 
washer to the dryer, loaded the washer and 
started that. Grabbed a couple of things
from the basement I wanted
to take up and grabbed the door
knob only to find it was locked.
I started to yell through the door
asking Lily and Misty which one locked
me out. haha

Be nice if there was a key down there, 
and there used to be, but before moving
here, while I was cleaning out the place,
my older brother came over and picked
up a piece he was getting. He had a
garage door opener to get in the garage,
grabbed the key and I never saw it 
again. That was also the only
one I knew of. 

What to do?
I tried breaking in with a screw
driver to pop the lock.
Okay, I have a key to the back 
door hid outside on the deck.
I raise the garage door, go out and up
in the yard, oops, the gate latch is
frozen. Pulling on that, I broke it loose.
Through the yard, up the frozen deck
steps, across the frozen deck to the 
screen. Inside the screened section only
to see no key. Why? Cause a few months
ago I hid it somewhere else cause the place
it was, would be the first place someone
would look.
I freezing!
Did I mention I was barefoot?
Anyway, guess what?
I forgot where I put the key
and it was too cold to go looking
around for it. 

Back to the garage to pop the hinges 
off, and open the door from 
that side. Not easy, that door
as been up for 56 yrs and the hinges 
have never been off. 

Step in and unlock the door.
Shut door and put hinges back on. 

I only can guess that the basket
hit the lock as I was going out
with it. 
I will apply a new knob with a lock
so I will have a key to hide in 
the basement!

Did I mention that not only did I
not have shoes, not even socks on,
I had no jacket, no phone, and 
of course, no key! 

45 mins to one hour playing 
with the door in the basement.
Was I pissed? Nope, I was
laughing the whole time.
Either that or sat and cry.
However, my mind was working
away trying to decide what I 
was going to make a bed out of!

I did achieve something later.
I am not done yet but I made
a longitude and latitude 
woodburning piece to hang up.
I burned the numbers and the 
hearts. I will paint or circuit 
cut the word HOME. 
I will then also, sand the sides
to give them a beveled like edge. 

AND after that long drawn out
story, I will share the new
living room decor I have that sats
next to the tv. 

Now is that not the cutest 
living room decor?

Did you achieve anything special today?
What was the last time you locked yourself
out of the house?

Happy Thursday,


Christine said…
Ooh your birthday must be coming up!
Jeanie said…
Well, you're pulling off a heck of a lot more sick than I do well, I think! I did some good tidying and made dinner for company yesterday and finally got a few orders in the post (well, not finally -- they just came in but now they're on their way!). LOVE your loving room decor! That cat almost looks real! (Oh, wait...!!!)
Liz A. said…
Yikes. Well, at least now you'll solve the problem so you won't accidentally lock yourself in our out of anyplace again. I'm always paranoid that I'll do something like that. Glad you finally found a way out.
Brian said…
WOW, I'm sure glad you figured out a way back in, yikes! Howdy pretty Misty!
Ann said…
Oh no, locked out. Good thing you at least had tools handy that you could get the hinges off.
Love your living room décor.

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