Glasses, Tornado and Chilling in the Floor

I am nearsighted, so my 
glasses are for the 
distance. With that being said,
I basically wear them for
driving. If you see me not
wearing them when driving,
get out of my way! 
HAHA...if I have on 
sunglasses, its good, they
contain my script.

I can read sitting in front
of my laptop without
readers. But when reading
books with smaller print
or directions on packages,
I need readers. I have
that made into my glasses
also, but I have NEVER
been able to adjust to 
bifocals. I do not use them
for readying, I rely on 
readers from Dollar Tree for
reading when needed. I like
the different designs and 
colors but mostly since
I only wear from time to 
time, I was always having
to hunt a pair down.
Not anymore, thanks to 
readers that cost 1.25
I have al colors, all designs,

The only issue I have is
finding +1.50 in the readers
Dollar Tree carries. The other
day I noticed they had some,
so I picked up some colors/designs
I did not have. 

I keep a pair in the craftroom,
two in the living room,
a pair in be bedroom,
a pair in my purse, in my
car, in the kitchen and 
a pair at work.
Now, I have extras!
Plus, at a buck 25
if I break or lose a pair
its not a big issue.

Contacts~ NO...
I have dry eyes and I 
was spending my time
putting drops in my eyes.

Moving on~

In 1998 Nashville was
turned upside down with
some major tornados that
ripped through our city.

I got up that morning and 
almost did not send my
kids to school. Listening to the 
news that I always did in the 
morning to catch the weather
and the traffic. This morn,
there were wicked storms
moving into the Nashville
area. Most of our storms move
up from Memphis

and this morn, there were 
reports of tornados hitting
in several counties moving
up to us.

A lot of the times, they 
die down before getting to 
us but not always. This day 
it was a "not an always"!

I sent the kids to school,
I drove to work.
Just the week before I 
listened to a report about
tornados, and that they hardly
EVER hit big cities.
that day I decided not to 
always listen to what you

I was at my desk, and I got
a call, it was the super
of the warehouse where we
housed our paper for printing.
He told me that a tornado just 
went through, right past them,
headed to town. 

The lights went out, the 
generators kicked on, people
came rushing down the stairs
to the basement, where the police
out front sent them to the basement.

It hit.
I was a basket case. Kids at
school and mom at home.
Phone lines were dead.
I decided I was heading out.
However, when I stepped out of
the building I was shocked by
what I saw.
Plus, police standing out directing
traffic and trying to rush
you back in, there was another
one coming. 

I was not going back in, I was
leaving town. I made it across the 
street into the next state owned
building. This building was connected to
two other buildings and I just
so happened to know the
way through them and out the 
other end which put me closer
to where my truck was.

Down the street I traveled, to
the state parking lot. Cars were
blown here and there, windows
blown out and I got to my
truck, intact and nothing
wrong. I had a piece of 
insulations blown in between the
cab and the bed. 

Traffic getting out of town was
rough but I was driving a 
big truck and moving in and 
out traffic not giving
anyone the chance to not let
me moving in a lane. 

Had to take the back route home,
through Old Hickory and 
past Cory's school. 
Let me also add that all this did
not take place right after I 
got to work. My daughter was
already home from school. She had 
called earlier when she got home,
was scared and I sent her
to my mom's. 
Cory was still at school and 
the last report I heard on the 
weather radio that I kept
at work was that it was
headed right for his school. 

I got to the school, not
sure what I would find and
there it was, all safe. 
I got Cory, and we headed to mom's.
There are so many ways, rodes
into the subdivision and the house,
but I ran into issues everywhere I went.
Trees were down across the road
or electrical wires. 
Getting right up the street from
mom's I decided to run across
the wire in the road knowing it 
would be fine due to the rubber
tires on the truck. 

Things were good at moms.
Holly (niece), mom, Amber
and the dogs made it to 
the basement to shelter.
Branches out of trees one
tree down and 
a little siding off the house.
Not all the hood was that

This whole post
was started from this pic
Jed, chief photographer of
Photo Services (I was still
working in printing) took this 
shot. The tornado ripped right over
the Capital. Ripping the stitching of
the center
of the state flag right out of 
the rest of the flag. 

I do not have pics of 
the tornado damage on 
this laptop to show but
I will dig a few up to
show in another post.
Thing is, the direction that
the 2020 one took is the 
pretty much the same
route that the 1998 took. 

This was about the time that
tornado alley started to shift 
to make TN part of tornado alley.


Hi, Misty here.....
I was chilling in the 
floor next to mom's feet
while she sat on the couch.

I love being close
to mom.



Marie Smith said…
I can only imagine the panic you felt as you drove to be with your children and your mom! Harrowing doesn’t begin to describe it!
Christine said…
Scary memories
Liz A. said…
Harrowing story.

I've worn contact lenses since I was 14. In 2020 I graduated to bifocal glasses. Because my vision is so bad, I can't just do readers for close. I actually use the glasses I wore in the '90s for that. (If I have my contacts in and I wear readers over that, I'm only a +1.75.) But for everyday, I do a thing called monovision. One contact is for distance. One contact is for close. The brain compensates for the difference. It's weird, but I like it better than wearing readers over contact lenses.
Ann said…
That sure must have been scary.
I have readers all over the place too.
Brian said…
I have progressive lenses and they are okay, but I'm so tired of them. Those storms sure were awful, scary season is no fun.
Jenny Woolf said…
Oh that was terrifying about the storm, even to read. I can't imagine what it was like to live through. Do you find at times like that it is surprisingly easy to just go and do something even if it does feel dangerous? Not so much a feeling of invincibility but it's the idea of your family needing you or it being necessary in some way to do it. I sometimes surprise myself like that. But I hope it is all over now and the weather is normal again!!!
Darla M Sands said…
Misty, you look as crashed as your big sister. :) I'm so glad you've stayed safe through these disasters, Pam. ~hugs~ Scary stuff.
That must have been so scary! I'm glad you're all ok and safe!!

I'm the same with my readers, I have them in every room of the house, my car, hubby's car and my purse!
NanaDiana said…
I am sure your heart was in your throat the whole time! So glad that your family was okay and I know it could have been a lot worse. We have only ever had one tornado through the upper part of the state here in all the years I have lived here. Tornadoes are scary things because they are so unpredictable. xo Diana
Margaret D said…
That's not the best memory.
Glasses can be a nuisance well for me they are as I buy cheap magnifying ones +2.00 to the computer and reading small font.
Hootin Anni said…
I have one pair of readers. I too need Rx to drive. Altho, at times, I admit, I forget about them.

We have lived thru hurricanes and blizzards...not tornadoes. All are harrowing, frightening, and nerve wracking. Bless y'all.
Conniecrafter said…
My hubby also has readers all over the house, luckily I wear glasses all the time so no hunting for me :)
I have been through a couple tornadoes but never went out in it just stayed home, I can't imagine driving through all that.
Tipid Party said…
Hi there! Thank you for dropping by :)

That was one horrible experience. Here in the Philippines, we are always hit by a storm, huge storm sometimes and it is always scary.
NanaDiana said…
Thanks for popping by my blog today. That is pretty scary when you see what a tornado can do. Green Bay has never had a direct hit that I know of...we don't get a lot of tornados here but we get really bad blizzards.
You have some of the same glasses as I have from the $ Store. lol. I have the same vision/needed correction that you have...aren't we lucky? Also, have the script sunglasses for driving. My vision has actually improved as I've gotten older because the eye elongates and it helps correct nearsightedness....or so they tell me.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. xo Diana

ps. I had a very special kitty called Misty, too!

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