Privilege of an Animal, Ornaments, and Special Spots

 So very true, only
change I would make
is for it to read 
"by a pet"...

I think I will start
Christmas decor and
ornaments in Jan. this
got so behind this

I have been looking
at my deck and 
thinking spring.
Been here almost 
three years and I 
have not been able
to enjoy it at all.

I was on Pinterest and 
saw some really pretty 
things for out door
This is really cute, 
however, I have an issue
with things like doors
and indoor items made
of INDOOR wood,
being outside. 

But oh my gosh, I love this.

Yet another view of the 
same spot with things
changed up. 

Pretty sure that the pic
below is the same as
the others above 
but with things moved
around and changed up 

Just so inviting!
Only, I would need
a spot to lay.

This next spot is so
nice also.
And if you have
a small, long porch,
this is cute.

If you don't have that
spot to vamp up 
for a great sitting
area, you could always
make this out in the yard.
Pallets, doors, windows
and you have made
the perfect spot.

For those that remember
I was always on my 
deck at the other
house, in my 
I want to really get
this deck up and
going for a cool space.
One of the biggest issues
are the planes, that go
right over the deck. 
and my air unit
is right next to the deck,
it makes noise also.
To help with the 
unit, I plan on 
closing up that side
of the
screened deck.
As for the planes, 
I might have to sound proof
the inside of my tin roof,
but really don't want to 
do that due to the rain
sound I love hitting the
outside of the tin roof.
Hoping to put a TV and radio
out there and that could help
with the plane noise.

Gotta up the type 
on furniture I have out
there also...

Always something to 




Sandee said…
Cute, cute and cuter.

I love that quote too. So true.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Liz A. said…
One year, my Christmas was so behind I swore I'd start in January. And I did. I think I had all my gifts complete by November. It was a great year. But that was a decade ago, and I haven't done it since.
Marie Smith said…
You have great ideas, Pam. It will be beautiful for sure!
Okay, now you did it, I'm not also ready for Spring!
Ann said…
I would love to be able to use my deck more but it doesn't have a roof over it and it's just way too hot out there in the summer.
Jeanie said…
I need to make that commitment too. I'm never on time and struggle near the end!
Darla M Sands said…
It's been almost three years?! Wow. ~shakes head~ I used to enjoy my back patio until I let the backyard go wild. Now I'm half afraid that whatever may lurk in that jungle might come at me. lol All your ideas are awesome, my dear. Take care!

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