I Do Dream Team, Taco Tuesday, and The Deer

 Couple more pics
from Chelsea of
Hearn Productions.

James of course always
looks like he is up
to something.

I hate smiling, makes
look like
I have no eyes.

I did not share with 
you yesterday the 
cute chairs I got
at GW the other
day. I thought of
the great grands.

Taco Tuesday, 
or better yet 
National Taco Week...
and Ladies get
together for Christmas lunch.

Emily, Julie
Lisa and I.

Deers I made for the girls
and delivered at 

They loved them.



Marie Smith said…
You always look great, Pam!

Great job on the deer!
Sandee said…
Happy and smiling faces. Beautiful.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
BeachGypsy said…
Nope nope nope-- you are wrong Pam!!-- smiling just shows how pretty you are!!! And your eyes too! That's a pretty blouse and your reindeer turned out great
Jeanie said…
I love your smile. And your Rudolf!
Rhodesia said…
Fabulous happy photos of you and your friends. Love the deer. Keep well Diane
Liz A. said…
The deer is so cute.
Brian said…
Actually, all y'all look like you're up to something!
Christine said…
Great photos
Ann said…
You look fantastic when you smile.
Those deer are so cute.

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