Blooms and Seeds, Selfies, and Boards

 I noticed something
that I just did not 
let register the 
last few years,
the cypress vine,
AKA hummingbird vine
blooms more
in the late summer
than in the summer

Look at all those 

Course I got this
pic in the evening
when they were closing
up for the night.

I had not been out
to harvest seeds
in a couple of days...
until Thursday evening.

And I had a bunch!!
I give these away. I even
mail them out for
folks wanting some.
Any takers?

I basically harvest as
many seeds as I can
to prevent them falling
to the ground and coming up 
all over.

I am a photographer
for a lot of reasons, 
mostly cause it keeps
me out of the front of
the camera. 
Never was one to 
enjoy having my 
pic taken. 
However, with that said, 
when my friend Laura
past away and I was locating
pics of her, I realized that
there was only a couple of
her and I. Then I decided that
I would get out there and 
have my pic made more
and even do the 
the hated selfies...
That way my kids would have
pics for when I am 

I now do selfies
and mostly when I am 
in the car.
Took this on the 
way to the venue one
day last week
And this one at
the football game
a week ago.

Bout time to put out
my boards...
The Witch one
for Halloween and 
once Nov 1 comes, 
I flip the board 

and I am ready for 

I hand painted these a
couple yrs ago.



Darla M Sands said…
Using both sides of that board is brilliant! I wish I had a fraction of your crafting talent. And good on you for overcoming your dislike of having your photo taken. I am the same and never shed it. lol I'm still saddened by the sudden loss of your friend. ~hugs~ Blessings, my dear.
Christine said…
I am thinking of Thanksgiving too. It comes earlier in Canada - Oct 10th.
Marie Smith said…
I agree about the selfies. My husband and I do them now for the same reason.

Great job on the boards, Pam.
Ann said…
good idea collecting those seeds.
Liz A. said…
As I don't have kids and my funeral is likely to be attended by no one, I feel no need to worry about taking pics of myself. Why has that happened to us as a society? I mean, I know plenty of people who hate having their pictures taken. I think we've been told we're not good looking enough, or something. And that's a really sad state of affairs.

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