Pics from the Past - Barns and Churches

 When I got my first big camera,
I purchased it for a hobby.
Within three months I 
was asked to do my
first wedding. 

That first wedding was in 
Maryville TN, which is
right outside of the
Smoky Mountains.

The day after the 
wedding I drove around
and took some pics.
The first three pics were
taken up around the mountains.

This one below was
taken on the back roads that
I always seem to find.

I really like shooting shots
like this more than people.

Not only do I have a collection
of barns and rustic structures 
I also have a collection
of church pics.

I really love when I stumble
across an older church that
dates back into the years.

That was just a look into
my collection, hope
you enjoyed them.



Sandee said…
Love them all. I love the old silos. You don't see them much anymore.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Ann said…
Awesome photos. Two of my favorite things are barns and churches.
Brian said…
Such wonderful photos, the fog is amazing.

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